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Thus Awakens the Awakened One


Part 2: Some Rare Truths

  • One is born alone, and one dies alone. Hence one should live also alone. This art of living alone is yoga. Life is the process of the flight of the ‘alone’ to the ‘Alone’.
  • You are alone with your God, and there is no one around you. This is the truth. Rest your mind on this, and attain peace.
  • The thought of an object intensely entertained causes a proportionate stimulation in the body of the object by means of a certain affection for its psychic substance. There is, thus, a reciprocal action set up by the generation of any sustained thought of the object. The various things thought in various incarnations create a network of experiences which is called Samsara.
  • The rivers do not flow for their own benefits; trees do not eat their own fruits; cows part with their milk for others’ good; the life of a saint is not for himself alone.
  • Evil sets in the moment we forget the Presence of God everywhere. This is the beginning of the real kaliyuga, and kritayuga reigns when the consciousness of His Presence is vigilantly maintained.
  • Narayana and Nara meditate together and are inseparables; which means that God and man coalesce in every action and form a union in which karma becomes Karma Yoga, and that spiritual meditation is not merely a human effort but involves Divine interference. Though we may lift our arms to touch a magnetic field, when once we raise it near it is pulled by the force of the field, and here our effort ceases and we are under the influence of another power altogether.
  • If omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence are to be pressed into one being and this being is to be focussed into a jet of action, what will be the result? This is what happened when Sri Krishna lived as a Person in this world. This is also the difficulty which people feel in writing a biography of Krishna, for to be all-comprehensive is a difficult thing for the mind to think.
  • The more does one become fit for the practice of Advaita Vedanta, the less is the consciousness of the body and world around. Advaita and body-consciousness do not go together.
  • God’s Grace is a powerful tonic which can correct the heart, lungs, stomach and the general condition of the body. This Divine Grace is drawn through meditation on God.
  • The fact that consciousness knows the existence of matter in experience should unavoidably stumble upon there being something in matter itself akin to consciousness without which objective knowledge would not be feasible. The position that matter should have a character of consicousness inherent in it would automatically land one in the conslusion that matter is also a state of consciousness, though incipient and not actually manifest openly. Matter is Spirit discerned through the senses.
  • There are no five koshas covering the Atman like five boxes inverted one over the other hiding a flame within. The koshas are not compartmentalised boxes, but are the graded density in which the desires of the mind obscure the vision spiritual.
  • All that we read and think does not get assimilated into the feeling of the heart. That is why a post-graduate scholar who is dead is not reborn with the same amount of knowledge. That which has gone deep into the heart becomes a part of our life. The rest is only a wind that blows over the surface of our minds.
  • Whether man is different from God, a part of God, or one with God can be known from the relation of the dreaming individual to the waking individual. The relation is similar.
  • God first; the world next; yourself last; follow this sequence in the development of the thought-process so that God’s Power and existence may be affirmed in everything.