eBooks on Metaphysical Philosophy

Your Questions Answered

This book consists of the answers that Swamiji has furnished to the queries of spiritual seekers during the regular daily sessions that Swamiji held for many years. A veritable treat consisting of dialogues on various aspects of spiritual life.
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Religion and Social Values

Swamiji explains that spiritual life and worldly existence are not opposites, and that one loses nothing, but rather gains everything, when achieving the final goal of life which is Moksha.

Resurgent Culture

A trenchant series of lectures on the fundamental principles of world-understanding, social prosperity, personal solace and freedom. A sure means of purifying and polishing the mind and intellect of any sincere reader.

What is Knowledge

In this series, Swamiji explains what real knowledge is, its importance especially to seekers of Truth, and how to attain that understanding which liberates the soul.

The Vision of Life

These discourses comprise a penetrating analysis of every aspect of the vision of life – from the materialistic and humanistic to the psychological and psychoanalytical, followed by the universal, Vedic, religious and yogic visions.
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Studies in Comparative Philosophy

A systematic study of the principle thinkers in the field of philosophy in the West in the light of the Vedanta doctrine of the East. A must for all students of philosophy.
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The Ascent of the Spirit

A stimulating logical study starting with the foundations of educational psychology, its philosophical basis and spiritual significance, and covering such important areas of thought and action as the meaning behind social relationship, as well as the ultimate roots of legal and ethical principles involved in human life.
German translation

The Epistemology of Yoga

This book on epistemology, the theory of knowledge, is in regard to yoga and the attainment of the Ultimate Reality.

Essays in Life and Eternity

A mini-encyclopedic treatise which deals with an in-depth analysis relating to human life, and a masterpiece on the subject of investigation of the structure of Nature and processes of the universe. Each chapter is thematic and complete in itself.

The Philosophy of Life

A critical exposition of the fundamental principles in Eastern and Western philosophy in the light of the doctrines of Swami Sivananda. This book also provides a comprehensive survey of the metaphysical groundwork of the East and West. An excellent primer and a sure guide.

The Path to Freedom: Mastering the Art of Total Perception

Swamiji discusses freedom of consciousness in perception and awareness of the individual so that the individual realises its universal nature.

Total Thinking

Swamiji talks about the human predicament in the world and how to rise above it to Universality.

Thought for the Day

A profound thought to elevate the consciousness for each day of the year.

Daily Satsanga with Swami Krishnananda

A compilation of 365 excepts from Swami Krishnananda's books, one book chosen for each month.
German translation

Swami Krishnananda in Conversation

Swami Krishnananda's conversations with residents and visitors of the Ashram, compiled by S. Bhagyalakshmi in 1979.

Facets of Spirituality

More of Swami Krishnananda's conversations with residents and visitors of the Ashram, compiled by S. Bhagyalakshmi in 1979.

Darshan with Swami Krishnananda

Transcriptions of Swami Krishnananda's morning darshans with residents and visitors of the Ashram.