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Brahma Sutras
by Swami Sivananda


Section 4: Bahiradhikaranam: Topic 12 (Sutra 43)

The life-long celibate who fails to keep up his vow must be excluded by society.

Bahistubhayathapi smriteracharaccha III.4.43 (468)

But (they are to be kept) outside the society in either case, on account of the Smriti and custom.

Bahih: outside; Tu: but; Ubhayatha: in either case, whether it be a grave sin or a minor sin; Api: also, even; Smriteh: on account of the statement of the Smriti, from the Smriti; Acharat: from custom; Cha: and.

The previous discussion is concluded here.

Whether the lapses be regarded as major sins or minor sins, in either case good people (Sishtas) must shun such transgressors, because the Smriti and good custom both condemn them.

Smriti declares, "he who touches a Brahmana who has broken his vow and fallen from his order, must undergo the Chandrayana penance." Approved custom also condemns them, because good men do not sacrifice, study, or attend weddings with such persons.