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The Philosophy of Life
by Swami Krishnananda


The present publication meets a significant demand of seeking minds for a textbook on the metaphysics of a spiritual view of life, which goes into the heart of its questions and processes and supplies the needs of the contemplative as well as the practical side of an earnest search for Reality. This may well form an advanced study for those who have already had a grasp of the principles stated in the author's Resurgent Culture. The entire volume constitutes not only an incisive analysis but also a meditation of consciousness. The aim of the work is mainly to open up a rich treasure which is hidden beneath the culture of India and to make a contribution to an international understanding of the perennial values dear to all humanity. Knowledge in its essence is free from the barriers of space, time and personality, for it embodies rather a contemplation of the limitless profundities within man and the universe than a perception of the shifting scenes we call history. When process consummates itself in being, universal history realises its eternal meaning.

This treatise is a valuable guide to the student as well as the philosopher of life, a practical directive to seekers on the spiritual path along the lines of knowledge. The work is exclusively devoted to a discussion and exposition of the metaphysical side of philosophy and is intended to provide direct assistance in the higher reaches of one's spiritual quest.

2nd July, 1992.