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The Realisation of the Absolute
by Swami Krishnananda

Publishers' Note

The primary issues of life are an expression of the pressing need for peace and happiness. When peace is being aspired after, the whole universe comes in there as the factor that goes to form the vital current of this process of aspiration. It is vain to think that lasting peace or happiness can be had through resorting to certain aspects alone, while neglecting or opposing others in the universe. Only a Citizen of the Universe can be an enjoyer of Peace, the Peace that passeth understanding. It is the aim of this book to throw a powerful light on the art of growing into a Universal Citizen, a Purushottama, a Being inhabiting the whole cosmos; a Being that, in loving the Universe, loves itself, in knowing itself, knows the All, and exists as the All. It is the Science of Perfection and the Practice of the Method to attain it, Brahmavidya and Yogasastra, that forms the core of this teaching of immortal value. The author, a direct disciple of the Great Swami Sivananda, offers to the lovers of Truth, to those who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of Truth, this precious present, the result of his deep study and experience. This treatise will be found to be of immense value to all aspirants after Self-realisation, especially to those who tread the Path of Knowledge.

It is our earnest prayer that all Mumukshus may derive the full benefit of imbibing this sacred Knowledge, handed down by the ancient Seers, and of living their lives in consonance with it.