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A Messenger of Peace and Wisdom
A Souvenir released on Swami Krishnananda's 75th Birthday


Swami Krishnananda – A Towering Spiritual Genius

by D.M. Sinha

Our country has been blessed by a long tradition of saints and seers who appeared from time to time to keep the torch of spiritual knowledge lighted. In this shining line of Rishis, H.H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj appeared like a blazing sun who established the Divine Life Society in the earlier years of this century. Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj is one of his foremost disciples. His unbounded kindness drew me to his sublime presence about 25 years ago, and, since then, hardly a day has gone by in which his divine grace has not filled my life with its rich and effulgent radiance, transcending the limitations of time and space.

Swamiji's orations in the Satsanga Hall or in his apartments at the Ashram, enchant his listeners, not only by their wisdom content, but also by his incisive power of precise expression. These ideas of Indian philosophy flow smoothly on well-chosen words with an ease and spontaneity which is simply astounding. The same power of precise expression manifests itself in his writings. Intricate concepts, which have been long regarded as the exclusive preserve of thinkers and philosophers, are rendered easily comprehensible even to an ordinary intellect which is then enabled to translate everyday experiences of life into sure steps for self-elevation. His language is frequently tinged with a subtle sense of humour, Witness a few enlightening examples as follows:

"The Divine Grace is like a lion's den; on entering it, the aspirant has to do nothing; for everything is then done by the lion?"

To a questioner, who had doubts about the practicality of spiritual theories – "what do you mean by this difference of the theoretical from the practical? Are you taking tea theoretically or practically?"

To an enquirer who questioned the divine sagacity in ordaining natural forces, like the force of gravity which makes people fall and break their bones – "You perhaps imply that God is not well-qualified intellectually. I too do not know if He has passed His graduation?"

To a listener who had some misgivings about the transient nature of the world in spite of Swamiji's logical exposition – "Beware! Your dear world is vanishing?"

These days, spiritual platforms abound from where attractive sermons preach the bliss of meditation. Many listeners rush to practice meditation, without undergoing the preliminary steps of self-discipline. To such despairing aspirants, who rue their failure, he is forthright when he compares meditation to the apex of the pyramid of Yoga practice. He says that this pyramid can be erected only on the solid foundations of Yamas and Niyamas, as described in the Yoga-Sutras of the Sage Patanjali. He asserts that "Meditation is the art of transcending space and time. The methods of Yoga are the ways of defying the operation of space-time and effecting a union between the Seer and the Seen, in their essentiality." In one stroke, he shatters the "erroneous awareness of the apparent duality of things."

When he asserts that "the moment we perceive an object, we deny God," he illuminates the common, individualistic perception and sublimates it to the unique oneness of experience of the Self. Such pointed quippings abound in his writings and in his speeches.

Swamiji has made valuable contribution to the spiritual treasure of the country by his prolific writings on the Upanishads, and on the philosophies of Bhagavadgita, the Panchadasi, Yoga, Life and other similar subjects of everyday importance. These writings throw a dazzling light on many dark recesses of misguided perceptions whereby the reader's mind is suffused with the splendour of spiritual illumination.

It is really a great and rare blessing to come in contact with such a saint who by his mere presence in his secluded apartment in the Ashram sends out powerful waves of spiritual illumination across the world. How true is his statement – "When a petal falls, it sends out vibrations which can be felt in the farthest stars." Indeed when such a saint condescends to contemplate spiritual truths, strong vibrations are sent out which transforms the thinking of every supplicating soul.