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Dr. Faustus

Chapter 1: On Free Will

Chapter 2: Beauty and the Psychology of Desire

Chapter 3: On Meditation and Service

Chapter 4: Total Thought and Meditation

Chapter 5: What is the Self?

Chapter 6: The Higher Self

Chapter 7: The Good and the Bad

Chapter 8: Where is the Soul?

Chapter 9: The Absolute

Chapter 10: Tapas or Austerity

Chapter 11: Universal Action and Duty Towards Others

Chapter 12: How to Let God into the Heart

Chapter 13: Wanting Only God

Chapter 14: The Inadequacies of Science

Chapter 15: Sexual Impulse Versus Meditation

Chapter 16: Diagnose the Illness of Life and Go Beyond

Chapter 17: Energy Conservation

Chapter 18: Looking for Happiness

Chapter 19: Spiritual Atmosphere & God-World Relation

Chapter 20: Concepts of God

Chapter 21: The World's Movement from Materiality to Spirituality

Chapter 22: The Phenomenon and the Noumenon

Chapter 23: The True Heart

Chapter 24: The Connection Between Body and Mind: The Ishtadevata

Chapter 25: God and Liberation

Chapter 26: The Last Thought

Chapter 27: Female Mountains

Chapter 28: Religious Consciousness

Chapter 29: Beautiful Thought

Chapter 30: Eastern and Western Thinking

Chapter 31: The Senses – Two Kinds of Sacrifice

Chapter 32: Intellectual Understanding

Chapter 33: The Tenth Obstacle

Chapter 34: Four Kinds of Conflict

Chapter 35: Activity After Enlightenment

Chapter 36: On Patanjali's Yoga

Chapter 37: Satsanga

Chapter 38: Test of Our Progress on the Spiritual Path

Chapter 39: After Self-Realisation

Chapter 40: Creation of the World

Chapter 41: Karma

Chapter 42: Queries of Seekers

Chapter 43: Hindu Gods and the One God

Chapter 44: On Work and Meditation

Chapter 45: On World Crisis

Chapter 46: The Self In the Deep Sleep State

Chapter 47: Knowledge and Material Power

Chapter 48: The Tenth Obstacle

Chapter 49: The Higher Reality and the Eternal Impulses

Chapter 50: What is Yoga?

Chapter 51: Methodist Ministers

Chapter 52: Who is Your Neighbour?

Chapter 53: War

Chapter 54: Who is a Guru?

Chapter 55: The Necessity for a Guru

Chapter 56: After the Guru Has Left the Body

Chapter 57: The Guru-Disciple Relationship

Chapter 58: Living the Truth

Chapter 59: Devotion and the Nature of Ignorance

Chapter 60: When God Wants You

Chapter 61: Degrees of Karma

Chapter 62: The Aim of Education

Chapter 63: The Balance of Nature

Chapter 64: Three Kinds of Meditation

Chapter 65: The First Thought and the Great Thought

Chapter 66: Sadhana Can Be Done Anywhere

Chapter 67: Renunciation and Transformation

Chapter 68: Fear of Losing the World

Chapter 69: The Seven Stages of Enlightenment

Chapter 70: The Blessings of Swami Sivananda

Appendix: Marriage – What does It Mean?