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Your Questions Answered
by Swami Krishnananda

Chapter 27: Female Mountains

Saravana Raja: I want one doubt to be removed.

Swamiji: Ok, tell me.

Saravana: Baba, now I am observing each and every body's movement. Suppose many people are here, so they are moving. I am finding some power in them. That means, I think that God is residing in them. So, I am seeing only God-men as Shivas and women as Shaktis. Is it right?

Swamiji: Please repeat once again what you have said.

Saravana: I see men as Lord Siva, and I see women as the goddess Shakti, Parvati. Am I right?

Swamiji: And what do you think about trees and mountains?

Saravana: Trees and mountains – it is pervaded by some power, natural things.

Swamiji: Are there also male trees and female trees?

Saravana: I do not explore in these things. I do not know.

Swamiji: You do not know? Male mountains and female mountains?

Saravana: No.

Swamiji: Then, there are no male human beings also, and there are no women. That is also a wrong notion. If you think that there are males and females among human beings, then you must think that mountains also are like that. There are female mountains, and male mountains; but, if you think they are not like that, then it is not like that in the case of human beings also. It is a misconception.

There are no such things as males and females. But, if you say they are, then they are everywhere. Even in trees you will find male trees and female trees. It may be true, also. I am not joking. That is why cross-pollination takes place, and then fruits are produced in the trees. That is a male-female action only. Even insects have male and female distinction; – like in honey bees, there are males like drones, and the female is the queen. Everywhere you find the same features.

But, if you try to transcend this consciousness, and feel God's power present everywhere, then the positive and negative, both, will melt into God-consciousness. Then there will be no such distinction as you are thinking. In the lower levels, these distinctions are seen, but in the higher level, they all get fused into God-energy, God-consciousness. So, what is your doubt?

Saravana: And so, man and woman are there. When I am seeing their face, what is the right concentrating object?

Swamiji: Concentrating on what?

Saravana: The eyes are there...

Swamiji: No, no. What are you concentrating?

Saravana: Suppose I want to be speaking with you; everything has a particular point to concentrate. In the face, what is the particular point to concentrate?

Swamiji: Why do you want to concentrate on anyone's face? What is the purpose?

Saravana: Suppose in the future I may get married, so Devi will come in my life. So then, what is the right concentrating object in her face? Which spot – eyes or...

Swamiji: Whose eyes?

Saravana: Women.

Swamiji: You cannot judge a person by seeing the eyes, nose, ears, etc. It is a total that is there. The whole thing you have to see at one stroke – from head to foot simultaneously. It is not only the nose that you are seeing, or the forehead. If you see one part by part, they will all look meaningless. Everything is meaningless, if you take it part by part. Everything is wonderful, if you take it as a whole. So, whatever you want to see, you must see as a whole structure. Now I am seeing you. I am not seeing your nose and eyes and moustache and all that. The entire thing I am seeing as one whole person. Then I can understand what you are. Do you understand me?

Saravana: Yes, I understand.

Swamiji: So, what else is the problem now? You think like that, as a whole, everywhere.