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Your Questions Answered
by Swami Krishnananda

Chapter 60: When God Wants You

Visitor: About love of God?

Swamiji: It is true that you must love God. It is wonderful, of course, but it is not enough if you love God. It is necessary that God loves you. You want Him; it is very clear. But He also should want you; and when He wants you, then a miracle will take place. When you want Him, it is called sadhana, it is called satsanga, prayer, meditation, austerity, religion, Yoga, and so many things. But when He wants you, what do you call it? You cannot call it religion, meditation, and all that. God is not practicing religion and meditation, etc., when He wants you. So, what do you call that condition when He wants you? It is impossible to describe it.

Visitor: Realisation, freedom.

Swamiji: We cannot imagine what it would be, to be wanted by God Himself. The whole world will get concentrated upon you. Every leaf in the tree will want you; every tree will bend before you. The stars in the heavens will smile at you; the galaxies will pay homage to you. All these are mentioned in the scriptures. You will find all these wonderful things. Now it does not make any sense at all, but it will make sense. They say, the stars will roll under your feet. You will not understand what is the meaning of it all. The stars are so high, but afterwards you will find that they are under your feet only. You will be so big at that time.

It is good to wait for that time. When our heart melts, this thing will take place, but it has not melted; it is still hard, a little bit, and maintaining its independence. It says, "I am also something." God does not want to hear all these things, that you are also something, because there is no "I" except He. He cannot tolerate any other "I"; if you start saying "I," that is not fair before Him. When this "I" goes, that "I" will take possession of all these "I's."

Swami Sivananda had a little poem: "When shall I be free? When I shall cease to be." So be happy. Have a good journey in the train.

Visitor: Thank you.