Audios of Swami Krishnananda

The God Element in Administration

The Headquarters of The Divine Life Society

The Blessings of Swami Sivananda

Prophets, Incarnations, Gurus

A Worship of the Process of Time

The Mystery of Incarnation

The Search for the Meaning of Life

The Tapas of Swami Sivananda

The Meaning of Culture

The Six Systems of Philosophy in India

The First Step in Meditation

What is a New Year?

A Review of the Samadhis of Sage Patanjali

The Appearance of Space-Time

Gurudev Swami Sivananda

Independence Day Message

The Essence of Acharya Sankara's Philosophy

Achieving an Attitude of Wholeness

The Object of Meditation

Incoming of the Spirit into One's Life

The Early Days of the Ashram

The Three Types of Discipline of the Bhagavadgita

Swamiji Talks about His Early Days

The Blessings of Discarnate Masters

Christ: The Embodiment of the Mortal and the Immortal

The Involvements of the Process of Creation

Sadhana versus the Grace of God

The Chakras as Levels of Creation

The Foundation of the Science of Astrology

Swami Sivananda, the Incomprehensible Godman

Swami Sivananda and The Divine Life Society

Gayatri Mantra: A Prayer for True Understanding

The Essence of the Gospel of the Bhagavadgita

Introduction to the Bhagavadgita: Part 1

Introduction to the Bhagavadgita: Part 2

The Kathopanishad: A Wondrous Epic of the Spirit

The Blessing of Fullness

The Four Aspects of Conflict in Life

The Deep Fundamental Truth of Spiritual Longing

The Importance of the Bhagavadgita

The Involvements of the Process of Creation

Attaining the Aloneness of the Ultimate Reality

The Mystery and Miracle of Our Existence

Waking Up from the Dream of this So-called Waking World

A Slow and Steady Religious Awakening

Our Participation in Eternity through Meditation

Meditation Techniques of Detaching Consciousness from Its False Associations

The Cause of a Flickering Mind in Meditation

Lifting the Curtain of Space and Time

The Pursuit of Satisfaction

The Dual Capacity of the Mind

The Message of The Divine Life Society

Universal Law and Our Conditional Freedom

Swamiji's Birthday Message

The Goal of All Existence

How to Conduct Japa Sadhana

Question and Answer Session 1

Question and Answer Session 2

Question and Answer Session 3

A Society as a Spiritual Organisation

The Philosophy of the Karma Yoga of the Bhagavadgita

The Way Universal is the Way Spiritual

The Purpose of Yoga Exercises

New Year's Message: The Practice of True Religion

The Bhagavadgita in a Nutshell

The Relationship between Being and Doing

Education is a Process of Enlightenment

The Foundation of Spiritual Life

An Outline of the Foundation of Sadhana

The Rasa Panchadhyayi of the Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana

The Difference between Eastern and Western Psychology

Yajna – Quintessence of the Culture of India

Attaning True Freedom

Our Placement in the Arena of Life

Attuning Ourselves with Nature

Navaratri Message: Our Worship of the Threefold Justice of the Cosmos

Lord Ganesa – The Remover of Obstacles

The Threefold Essence of Sadhana – Part 1

The Threefold Essence of Sadhana – Part 2

The Principal Items of Spiritual Practice

Disciplining the Mind

A Pictorial Philosophy of Yoga

A Friend, Philosopher and Guide

Fundamentals of the Yoga System of Patanjali

The Awakening Message

The March of the Universe towards Self-Realisation

Discovering the Universal in the Particular

Overcoming the Condition of Space-Time

The Conditions Necessary for Practising Meditation

The Formation of Our Individuality

The Relation and Structure of Objects

The Centralisation of Consciousness in God-Being

How Pressurised Layers of Various Textures Constitute Life's Circumstances

Human Effort and Divine Grace

The Essence of Dharma

An Outline of the Accessories to Meditation

Meditation According to the Upanishads

Achieving the State of Cosmic Experience

Channelling the Energy of the Mind

Correct Perception

Meditation and Ashram Life

An Outline of the Method of Bhakti Yoga