eBooks on Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Practice

Yoga, Meditation and Japa Sadhana

An easy and delightful introduction to the yoga of meditation. Highly clarifying and elucidatory, a favorite with everyone.
Spanish translation | Portugese translation

The Yoga of Meditation

A discursive analysis on the techniques of meditation and a comprehensive study on the science of meditation based on the Bhagavadgita and Patanjali's yoga system. A basis for all further thinking and study in the technique of meditation.
Spanish translation

A Brief Outline of Sadhana

A series of four discourses that Swamiji gave as a general outline and introduction to spiritual practice.

Sadhana – The Spiritual Way

The methodology of actual spiritual practice in the light of the higher powers superintending over all things. Consists of easy-to-understand discourses on the core of Sadhana.
German translation

The Attainment of the Infinite

A clear analysis of the levels of gradation from finitude to infinitude, combined with valuable techniques to guide the spiritual seeker towards Universality.
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The Yoga System

The technique of the practice of the yoga system of Patanjali, which goes into details of the psychological reprecussions and involvements during the attempt to concentrate the mind.
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To Thine Own Self be True

Mystical relations obtaining between the internal and external realities, together with instructions on the methods of internal meditations.

The Process of Spiritual Practice

Swamiji talks about the process and stages of spiritual practice.

The Process of Yoga

A series of discourses that Swamiji gave in 1972. Swamiji goes over the stages through which the seeker passes on the way to higher thinking, living and being.

True Spiritual Living

A guidebook for those who wish to tread the spiritual path, giving an in-depth analysis and understanding of each step along the way, explaining what is involved.
Spanish translation

A Textbook of Yoga

An easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide to the main points of yoga theory and practice.

An Introduction to the Philosophy
of Yoga

A comprehensive study of the mechanics of yoga from its subjective, objective and transcendental aspects. A complete guidebook almost incomparable in its nature.

Yoga as a Universal Science

An in-depth study of the intricate involvements in the attempt to practice yoga. Includes aspects of philosophy, psychology sociology and the mystical features of yoga practice.
Japanese translation | German translation

In the Light of Wisdom

A masterful presentation of the essence of the philosophy, psychology and practice of yoga in a way that is especially helpful for the beginner on the path.

The Universality of Being

In this book Swamiji takes us through the different levels of reality, culminating in the highest state of Being.
German translation

The Study and Practice of Yoga

A verse-by-verse commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. It is a monumental tome covering in detail every aspect of the Sutras. Really a masterpiece of in depth analysis.

The Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga Practice

A more in-depth presentation of the philosophy, psychology and practice of yoga.

Living a Spiritual Life

This is a series of discourses that Swamiji gave during Sunday night Satsangs in 1994 on living a spiritual life.

Spiritual Aspiration and Practice

A series of discourses that Swamiji gave in the Ashram during Sadhana Week in 1991 on spiritual aspiration and practice.

Everything About Spiritual Life

A series of discourses that Swamiji gave in the Ashram Academy in 1994. When asked what would be the topic of this series, Swamiji replied "Everything about spiritual life".

The Ascent to Moksha

A series of talks that Swamiji gave in 1972. This is the first series that was recorded on tape.

Being the Cosmic Whole

This is a series of six discourses that Swamiji gave to the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in the Sivananda Ashram during March and April 1999.

The Meaning and Importance of Self-Control in Spiritual Practice

A series of talks given in 1972 on what self-control actually is and why it's so important to a spiritual seeker.

Sessions with Ashram Residents

A series of informal talks and dialogues for residents of the Sivananda Ashram during 1997 and 1998, covering a wide range of subjects.

The Great System of Yoga Propounded by Patanjali

This is a series given to to the students of the 4th basic course of the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, commencing on July 10, 1980.