The Chhandogya Upanishad
by Swami Krishnananda

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Vaishvanara Vidya

Chapter 2: Uddalaka's Teaching Concerning the Oneness of the Self

  1. Preliminary
  2. The Primacy of Being
  3. Threefold Development
  4. Threefold Development (Continued)
  5. Illustrations of the Threefold Nature
  6. Further Illustrations
  7. Importance of Physical Needs
  8. Concerning Sleep, Hunger, Thirst and Dying
  9. The Indwelling Spirit
  10. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): Illustrations of Rivers and the Ocean
  11. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): Illustration of a Tree
  12. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): Illustration of the Banyan Tree and Its Seed
  13. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): Illustration of Salt and Water
  14. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): The Need for a Guru
  15. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): The Order of Merging
  16. The Indwelling Spirit (Continued): Illustration of the Ordeal

Chapter 3: Sanatkumara's Instructions on Bhuma-Vidya

  1. Name
  2. Speech
  3. Mind
  4. Will
  5. Memory
  6. Contemplation
  7. Understanding
  8. Strength
  9. Food
  10. Water
  11. Heat
  12. Ether
  13. Memory
  14. Hope
  15. Life
  16. Truth
  17. Truth and Understanding
  18. Thought and Understanding
  19. Faith
  20. Steadfastness
  21. Activity
  22. Happiness
  23. The Infinite
  24. The Infinite and the Finite
  25. The Ego and the Self
  26. The Primacy of the Self

Chapter 4: An Analysis of the Nature of the Self

  1. The Universal Self within the Heart and in the World
  2. Different Higher Worlds
  3. The Space within the Heart
  4. Life Beyond
  5. Importance of Brahmacharya
  6. Course After Death
  7. Prajapati's Instruction to Indra Concerning the Real Self
  8. The Bodily Self
  9. Indra Feels the Inadequacy of the Physical Theory
  10. The Dream Self
  11. The Self in Deep Sleep
  12. The Self as Spirit
  13. Exclamation of the Perfected Soul
  14. The Prayer of a Seeker for Eternal Life
  15. Parting Advice to the Pupil


  1. Sandilya-Vidya
  2. Samvarga-Vidya