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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1995
by Swami Krishnananda

2. Contemplating on the Guru

(Darshan given on March 30th, 1995.)

Swamiji: [To a visitor] The Guru is only one level of the universal consciousness. The Guru is not a human being. It is a wholeness or a total, which consciousness is, limiting itself to a particular degree of comprehensiveness. Your consciousness is also a whole. It is not a part or a fraction. But there can be a larger circle. There can be many types of circles – small circles, big circles, bigger circles, even bigger circles, and a circle that is as big as the universe itself. So the Guru is a circle higher than your circle. It is not outside you, but it is above you, and so the circle cannot be outside. In this manner you have to consider the Guru; therefore, there is no distinction between concentrating upon a Guru and concentrating upon God because God is the larger circle, the Guru is a smaller circle. There are many Gurus, just as there are many degrees of circles. Do you understand me?

Therefore, nothing is outside you. Everything is above you, in little degrees of expansion. The Guru or God are not outside, just as the higher circle is not outside the lower or smaller circle. It is including even the lower circle, so the whole universe is operating as wholes. This is why it is called a holistic approach. Everything is a whole. Even the tiniest atom is a whole by itself. An atom is a whole, a molecule is a whole, the object is a whole, a person is a whole, the whole universe is a whole, nature is a whole. There are no parts anywhere. So contemplate on the Guru as a whole above you.

Or you need not have to pass through this state. Directly concentrate on the largest whole, and it will include all the lower wholes. Catch the biggest, and the lower things will follow automatically.

Visitor: I hear that you told another man to not surrender to the Guru, to surrender to God only.

Swamiji: This is because if you have understood what I told you, and your consciousness can appreciate the nature of God as inclusive of everything, the Guru comes automatically with it. When you catch the highest, the lower automatically comes. There is no need thinking of the Guru separately.

Visitor: Very good. Thank you.

Swamiji: [To another visitor] You are a whole person, not a fraction of an individual, but the family of which you are a member is also a whole. You cannot say any member in the family is a fraction. The family constitutes an integral totality, and so your individual wholeness is absorbed by the larger circle of wholeness, which is the family. The family is a wholeness which is absorbed or subsumed into the larger wholeness, which is the community. The community, which is a wholeness, is subsumed under a larger wholeness, which is the district administration. The district administration, which is a wholeness by itself, is absorbed into the larger wholeness which is the state administration. The state administration, which is a whole by itself, is absorbed into a larger whole which is the central national administration. That which is itself a whole is subsumed under a still larger circle of wholeness, which is the international setup. That international setup, which is, after all, a setup of human beings, is subsumed under a larger inclusiveness of wholeness, which is nature as a whole. The whole of nature, which is a whole by itself, is absorbed into a larger whole which is the space-time complex. The space-time complex, which is a larger whole, is included in the Absolute Whole.

So everything is a whole. The lower is conditioned by the higher; there are various degrees of the lower, and various degrees of the higher also. When you reach the highest wholeness, all other things run to it like bees running to the hive. Everything, even the littlest particle in the cosmos, gravitates into that central magnet which is the Supreme Whole, and it is wholly working in every lower level of the whole. The whole, which is the Supreme Whole, is wholly present even in the lesser wholes; otherwise, you would feel that you are a little tiny tot, but you don't feel that. You are a perfectly all right, a complete person. That completeness that everyone feels is due to the wholeness that is fully present in you, though one is not able to realise it due to the encasement of consciousness into this body. Otherwise, everything is blessed, all is well, God alone is.

Visitor: Is this a restatement of the proposition that God is indivisible?

Swamiji: God is only a name that you give to this highest whole.

Visitor: It is said that religion is built on presumptions and inferences.

Swamiji: There is no religion. There is only a scientific fact of the holistic conditioning of all the degrees of completeness included in the largest whole, which is the cosmos. There is no religion, no spirituality, nothing. This is the only thing.

Visitor: But that principle, is it…?

Swamiji: That principle is; that is all. You cannot call it spirit, you cannot call it matter, you cannot call it religion, you cannot call it anything.

Visitor: Is it a matter of presumption or inference?

Swamiji: Your consciousness will tell what the fact is. Do you feel limited in yourself? Certainly you will feel limited. Something is conditioning you. What is it that is conditioning you? That is a larger whole. Don't go to religion; don't read books. That which limits you is a larger whole, and if you enter that whole, you will find you are limited further by another whole, and you will never get out of this finitude consciousness, outside which there is nothing to limit you.

Visitor: Do you learn this principle by intuition, or have you arrived at it on the basis of presumption?

Swamiji: Anyone who has a little common sense will think only in this way. You need not be a religious man.

Visitor: It is based on logic.

Swamiji: I don't want to use that word. It is simple common sense of whoever is able to think.

Visitor: It is inference drawn from the known data.

Swamiji: Yes, yes, yes. It is an absolutely incontrovertible logical conclusion, and you are your own judge. You cannot be judged by somebody else, and you need not judge somebody else also. Use your mind as a whole person – whole mind, whole understanding, whole spirit, entire total – and tell yourself what you are and what you are not. That which you are apparently not is that which conditions you, and that which you are apparently not should become you, so 'not' becomes 'is', and then there is no 'not' afterwards. Do you understand me?

What is religion when you are not a man, you are not a woman, nothing? Nobody knows what you are. It is a miracle that each one is. God bless you. Om Namo Narayanaya.