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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1995
by Swami Krishnananda

32. God is Everywhere

(Darshan given on November 27th, 1995.)

A visitor: Recently I've been having some palpitations. This trouble came during meditation.

Swamiji: No. Meditation cannot bring that trouble unless you do wrong meditation. If it is right meditation, it will not bring trouble. Perhaps you are doing some wrong meditation.

Visitor: What is wrong?

Swamiji: I don't know what you are doing. Tell me.

Visitor: I do mental japa, repeating of the mantra every time, and sometimes it gets stuck in the mind.

Swamiji: Perhaps this is not suitable for you. That's why you are having some tension. There is no problem in the heart?

Visitor: I went to see a doctor. He did an ECG. It showed some palpitations. He told me not to do meditation, that it's not good for me.

Swamiji: You see, now I'm not going to teach you meditation. That is a different matter. You take rest. There are meditations which will heal your trouble, and there are meditations which will increase the trouble – two varieties.

Visitor: Sometimes I do chintanam only.

Swamiji: No. You are having trouble caused by this chintanam. Your mind is in a state of concentration and some particular thing causes tension.

Visitor: It is not from anxiety in the mind. When the mind stops, the heart stops beating.

Swamiji: This trouble cannot arise by thinking. It has no connection with japa, and so on. Are you unhappy for any reason, or are you a very happy person?

Visitor: Yes, I am happy. No problem. But before going to sleep, between waking and sleep, it comes sometimes like this.

Swamiji: You can stop this japa for some time. Don't do japa. Take rest. Go to bed and sleep properly, but don't do japa. For fifteen days don't do japa.

Visitor: So what should I do instead?

Swamiji: Are you really sick, or are you imagining it?

Visitor: I am sick. The doctor gave me medicine. I took it for five days, and now I am much better.

Swamiji: Anyway, there is no problem. You are all right. You have to stop japa, and also stop meditation because your meditation is not correct. About that I will talk later on. Stop the japa for fifteen days. Only eat and sleep, and the body will adjust itself afterwards.

Another visitor: I want God-realisation.

Swamiji: This is why you are meditating? You are sincerely wanting God-realisation?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: Do you know where God is? Where is He?

Visitor: He is everywhere.

Swamiji: He is everywhere, even here just now? Is He sitting here? Do you believe God is sitting between us, in the middle, because He is everywhere? You have got some doubts that it may not be like that, that He is somewhere far off but not here. Far off in the sky He may be, but not here. Will He sit here between us? What do you say? It is a very serious question. I am trying to clarify your thoughts. I'm not putting any nonsensical question. It is a very serious matter. Do you really believe God is sitting between us?

It is a dangerous thing to accept that. It is a serious matter, sir. God is everywhere. Therefore, He is also everything. That which is everywhere is also everything because things cannot exist outside that which is everywhere. Do you catch the point, or have you got doubts?

Visitor: No.

Swamiji: That which is everywhere should also be everything. Otherwise, if it is not everything, it cannot be said to be everywhere. Now you adjust your thought. You want God. It is something that is everywhere, but it is also everything. 'Everything' means including yourself. You cannot say that you are outside it because you have already declared that it is everywhere and everything. Slowly adjust your mind to what I am saying. You cannot exist as Mister so-and-so if the truth is that it is everywhere and everything. Do you believe that you are existing as Mister so-and-so, or you doubt that because of the fact that there is something else which includes you also in its existence? If that includes your existence in its existence, then you have no separate existence. Do you understand? Then where are you at that time?

Visitor: I am within.

Swamiji: Why do you say 'within'? The thing that is everywhere has no within and without. You should not use such words. Within and without creates a gulf between two things, and the gulf is abolished because of the everywhereness of that. You are not inside it. So where are you then?

Use your mind now. This is a mathematical equation. You cannot think it. You simply get deluged into that because of its being everything. What do you think in your mind just now when I am saying this? What are you thinking? If it is everywhere and everything, and you are also not outside it, then where are you existing, really speaking?

Visitor: In God.

Swamiji: You should not use the word 'in' because I told you, 'in' means 'out'; two things are there. Something is not in me, because it is all things. So you should not use the words 'in' and 'out'. What do you say?

Visitor: I am God.

Swamiji: 'I' means this Mister so-and-so is God? What do you say? You have melted down into that everywhereness. So finally, what exists?

Visitor: The Atman.

Swamiji: Don't use such words. I haven't used any Sanskrit word. Atman is a Sanskrit word. I am scientifically approaching this problem to clarify your mind. That which is everywhere is everything also; therefore, you cannot be outside it. Then, at that time, what happens to you? Don't say 'inside', because it has no in and out. You said, “I am God.” Does it mean this body is God, this person? This body cannot be there. When it is everywhere, it has inundated the whole personality. Then what is this, finally? What exists finally? You should not say 'I am existing' because you have gone away together with other things because of its pervasiveness. So what do you mean, finally? Tell me.

You are getting a shock to think like this. You feel a shock inside the mind. Now you are purified. This shot that I have injected into your mind has purified you already. All your sins are gone. They are destroyed. This is a vitamin injection, high potency, which will strengthen your total being. Can you meditate like this, the same thing I have told you? This shock is a highly purifying shock. It will transform you completely into something which is inexplicable. Can you understand what I am saying? Has it entered your brain? Can you find out the conclusion of this argument? If you have understood what I said, you are a blessed man, and you are already in a state of meditation now. You are just now in a state of meditation of a tremendous type, not an ordinary thing. Are you catching what I say?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: You are a blessed man. God has already blessed you if you have understood this. Continue this thought. This is meditation.