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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1996
by Swami Krishnananda

10. There is No In and Out

(Darshan given on February 1st, 1996.)

A visitor: We are taking that inward journey, but because of this God-consciousness, the awareness of the cosmic-consciousness, can we also go out?

Swamiji: There is no such thing as out. It doesn't exist. In the cosmic existence, the 'out' and 'in' doesn't exist. Is space outside or inside? It is neither inside nor outside because it is everywhere, so such words cannot apply to it. The words are unsuitable expressions. A thing that is everywhere is not outside, and it is not inside also. Do you understand the point? So you should not say 'outside', 'inside'. These words should not be used.

Visitor: Why do they call it an inward journey?

Swamiji: These are all wrong definitions. That is not a correct definition. It has a meaning of course, but it is inward in the sense that it is transcendent to the body. It is above the body; it is the innermost self of everybody, though it is universal.

These things are very difficult to understand, how a thing which is everywhere can also be the innermost self of everybody. Because it is everywhere, it has no outside and inside, but because it is the soul of everybody, you can say it is inside also. But it is insideness together with all-pervadingness, so it is not inside like a bucket which contains water. You can say the water is inside the bucket, but the Universal Being is not inside in that sense. It is the deepest reality of every individual; therefore, you may call it as the inner self, but because it is universal, the word 'inner' is not suitable. It is better to use the words 'all-pervading universal existence' and not use 'inward', 'outside', etc. They are confusing because that which is everywhere is also inside, so you need not use the word a second time. It is a redundant statement.

This question that you raised – 'in', 'out', etc. – is in a little book called “Self-Realisation – It's Meaning and Method”, which is some lectures I delivered many years back that mainly touch upon this subject, and you can go through it and see. Then you will never put a question afterwards. It is very clear from all points of view – Self-Realisation.

Visitor: Swamiji, I am shocked that after so many years I am exposed to this cosmic consciousness. So many years I have lived, and only now I am exposed to this cosmic consciousness that we are all one, especially from this book “Your Questions Answered” – wonderful experiences. First time I have experienced it.

Swamiji: Very good. I am glad. Everywhere you go, you will find you are surrounded by the most powerful forces of the universe. You are not a helpless person. The wondrous powers of the cosmos are touching your body, if only you are accepting it in the core of your heart. The universal magnetism is having an effect upon you, but you develop a personalised, individualised magnetism by egoism and unnecessary self-affirmation, by which individualised magnetism you are trying to repel the universal magnet which is trying to have an impact upon you. There is a conflict created every minute by our inability to receive the effect of that cosmic magnetism, due to the fact that we are so much fond of our own individuality, this body, so-called. There are no bodies and individuals in the cosmos; therefore, there is a perpetual conflict between you and the world outside, the universe outside, and God Himself.

These are all very simple, easy-to-understand matters. The highest truth is easy to understand. It doesn't have any complication about it. In the same way as you know yourself very well, you can also know the universe very well. It is made in the same way as you are made. There should not be any conflict between you and what you call the outer universe. Be a friend of all things – the whole Earth, the whole sky, the entire stars, the sun and moon, and the beautiful breeze. Be a friend of all these things. In a friendly way, the sun is shining upon you, giving you energy. In a friendly way, the air is blowing through your nose, keeping you alive. In a friendly way, the Earth is keeping you fixed on its surface. If the Earth resents your presence, if the sun does not shine, if there is no air at all, you know what will happen to you. Though you do not bother about these things, they are bothering about you. You are not kind to the Earth, not kind to the stars, sun, moon – nothing. You are concerned with your own self. But the universal God is so kind and compassionate and merciful that free air is given, free water, free heat free light from the sun, and the surface of the Earth is given to you for your grounding. So the cosmic forces are very charitable in their nature. They have no selfishness. It is we who are uncharitable and full of selfishness. So you have to turn the tables round and try to think as the whole world, the whole universe, thinks, and not merely you as somebody thinking. This art is very important to learn and very easy to understand, and you will be blessed even within a few minutes if only your mind can concentrate on this great truth of truths. There is nothing more for me to say. This is the whole sum and substance of the reality of existence.