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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1996
by Swami Krishnananda

21. God and His Righteousness

(Darshan given on March 1st, 1996.)

Swamiji: As the Lord Christ has said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will come to you automatically.” This thing that I uttered is a very famous statement of immortal meaning, immortal value. If the universal creative God is implanted in your heart, you will always do only righteousness because God does not do anything unrighteous. When this vast universal God is implanted in your heart, you also become as big as He is; your heart becomes as large as His, and whatever you want will come automatically because God lacks nothing. If God says, “Come, mountain!” then the mountain comes. The whole of yoga, spirituality, religion is in this one sentence. You need not read any book afterwards. Centralise the universal Creator in your heart, and think as He thinks, and then see what miracle will take place. This is my message to you.

A visitor: You say to put the universal Almighty in your heart, as I just heard. Then first I have to know it, and afterwards I can act in this way.

Swamiji: You are not acting according to His will. He Himself is acting, so you are not acting. It is not that you are acting according to somebody's will. That will itself is operating through you, and it is acting. You are not acting. If this consciousness of your unity with that Being is permanently stationed in your heart, you will not feel that you are doing. A great force is working behind you. That force is pulling you, pushing you, so it will be responsible for everything, and you will never do a wrong thing afterwards because God does not do a wrong thing, so anything done with that impulsion will always be righteous. Do you understand?

Visitor: Yes.

Another visitor: We go out of our self instead of staying in our self. I was reminded of an Indian story that somebody said instead of dressing the whole world in leather, you put on leather shoes.

Swamiji: I will tell you another story. Two people climbed the mountains of the Alps. After they went very high, it was so vast – everywhere mountains, mountains – they did not know where they were actually located, in what part of this mountain range. So one of them took a map to find out where they are, which mountain peak they are sitting on. He went on seeing, seeing, seeing. “Oh, now I know where we are,” he told the friend. “Do you see the peak over there? There we are sitting.” He was sitting here, and he says geographically they are sitting there, on the other peak. This is exactly what your self is doing, your consciousness is doing. You are here, but actually you are there with what you are thinking of. That is the mountaineer business. You are actually not here, though you appear to be here. You are there which the mind is thinking of. If you are thinking intensely on something which is in London, you are actually not here. You are in London only, even now, because the body is not you; the mind is you, and if the mind is thinking of an object outside, you have gone there. If you have gone there, you have lost yourself, so nothing can be a greater tragedy than that. This is the fate of all people, of which you must be aware. That is a simple technique of yoga, to become yourself and not to become somebody else which you are thinking of in your mind. This is a very simple tool for yoga practice. Don't be other than what you are. Be what you are.

Another visitor: What is it that makes a person holy or peaceful?

Swamiji: The extent to which God's power is charged in that person or that place, to that extent it is holy, whether it is a person or place. God's power is charged upon that person or upon that place. The power of God is vibrating in that place or in that person; then it is holy. That is all.

Visitor: So now I'm feeling dependent on that charge here as a reminder of God's power.

Swamiji: Who asked you not to remember God? What is your difficulty?

Visitor: My difficulty is after sometime I have to go from here.

Swamiji: You have to go to your country, the United States. You cannot think of God in the United States?

Visitor: I can think, but it's not as powerful.

Swamiji: If your heart is pure and your mind is strong, you can think anywhere.

Another visitor: When I meditate, I just sit quietly.

Swamiji: Meditation does not mean just sitting quietly. It is an intense concentration of the mind on something. The mind is intensely concentrating on something in meditation. Sitting quiet is not meditation, because if you sit quiet the mind also sits quiet, and then what kind of meditation is it? There is no sitting quiet in meditation. It is an intense activity of the mind in the direction of one thing which it is wanting, and you must decide what it is that you want. On that you concentrate. First of all, you have to decide what you want, and on that you concentrate. Merely sitting quiet, you get nothing. Nothing comes. Your mind should deeply want something, and that will come if the mind really wants and intensely concentrates itself on that. Did you catch what I said?

Visitor: Then you are saying that I must use effort.

Swamiji: Concentration is the same as effort.

Visitor: Yes, okay.

Swamiji: So where do you stand now, after hearing this?

Visitor: I think I will look into my reasons for seeking.

Swamiji: Very good. Look into your reason for it. You will not do something unnecessarily. Find out the reason.