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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1997
by Swami Krishnananda

4. Meditation on God Outside

(Darshan given on January 24th, 1997.)

A visitor: I have a question. God is everywhere. God is also in me. But in meditation, for me it is easier to connect with God when I feel God outside me.

Swamiji: You can do that. There is no objection. If you feel that you can connect yourself to God better by conceiving Him as outside, you can do that. All right, do that. So what is the problem now? If you feel this is a better method, and it is easier and benefits you much better, go ahead. The only thing is, what are you thinking in your mind about God? When you say 'outside', which place? 'Outside' means in front of you, behind you, to the right side of you.

Visitor: Over me. Above in the sky.

Swamiji: Above in the sky. All right. How far in the sky? How far, roughly? Roughly you tell me, how many kilometres away. [Laughter]

Visitor: Not so much kilometres.

Swamiji: But 'above' means there must be some idea. All thoughts must be clear. You should not have hazy ideas. When you say 'above', how far is He above? In the seventh heaven? And He is occupying heaven, or what? Your mind must be clear to you; then concentration will come.

Okay, now coming to the point, you can go ahead with this meditation provided the mind is concentrating and is not distracted by any other thought. How you conceive God is not important. What is important is, are you thinking anything else also, other than this point of concentration? You can conceive God in any way you like – above or below, it doesn't matter – but you should not think anything else except that. If you think anything else, then it will defeat the purpose because at least you have made a suggestion that you are also existing as much as God exists, isn't it? So there are two things that exist: yourself and God. That is a very important point. What do you say? You also exist, God also exists, so two things exist. So the relationship between two existing things is meditation.

Who is meditating on whom? Both are equally real. You are not less important, because a less important thing cannot meditate on a more important thing. You must be equally important. The receiving medium, this electric bulb, should be as strong as the voltage that comes. Otherwise, the voltage will burn this medium or there will be no light at all, one of the two. So the receptive capacity of yours is as important as the concept of God that you are entertaining in your mind.

But anyway, this method is satisfying to you, satisfying?

Visitor: It is easy.

Swamiji: But is it satisfying? Let it be easy; do you feel happy about it? Do you feel everything is okay? It is satisfactory?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: You don't have any difficulties afterwards? You don't have any feeling of limitation or difficulty? You feel this is perfectly all right?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: Then there is no question. If you are satisfied with it, then you can continue until your own heart tells you there is a method better than this. Now you continue that.

Visitor: And can I try through the body awareness to keep God in me?

Swamiji: Inside you?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: But you said 'above'.

Visitor: Yes. But I ask, is it possible through body awareness to bring God in me?

Swamiji: Now what do you want finally? Do you want Him to be inside you or do you want Him to be above you? Which is better?

Visitor: Be one with God.

Swamiji: One with God? One?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: You can be one with God even if He is above, and even if He is inside. It makes no difference. You feel that feeling Him inside is better? You feel like that?

Visitor: I am searching. I am trying.

Swamiji: Now, at this moment, what is the conclusion?

Visitor: At this moment it is easier to feel…

Swamiji: Feel that God is above?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: Now let it be that. Now don't bring inside. Let Him be above only. You continue that. Yes.