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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1997
by Swami Krishnananda

8. Laser Beams

(Darshan given on January 31st, 1997.)

Swamiji: Laser beams, all these will be seen. All these people are laser beams only. They are not human beings or anything, though they look like that. You are all concentrated rays of supernatural light which has taken a shape for some reason which no human being can understand. Why should light take a shape and look like trees and mountains and human beings, and men and women and children, what not, vegetables, tomatoes and all that? Everything is made up of the same substance. Everything – the biscuit and book and paper and whatever you can think – they are all made up of the same substance by permutation and combination.

Milk and poison differ from each other due to a particular number of electrons being more or less. A particular number of electrons around a particular nucleus will make it milk; another vibration will make it poison. So it is a kind of permutation-combination of the entire component of this creation, and you can adjust yourself to anything. You can become a god in one minute, or a devil. Anything can be done; it depends upon the adjustment.

So many sages have told us so many things. Because of the infinitude of the ultimate aim, there seems to be infinite methods also to reach it. If you want to reach the sun, you can reach him through any ray of the sun. You can catch hold of any ray and you can reach the sun. But how many rays are there? There is no number for the rays of the sun. Infinite rays are there, and so there are infinite methods of movement also towards that. You can move to the Absolute here, just now, from this place. There is a direct highway. It is not in the temple, it is not in the church, it is not in a holy place because there are no unholy places for the Absolute.

You see a beautiful painting of Michelangelo. Directly if you see, it is a beautiful thing. But if you see like this [sideways], it looks something else. Look at the mountain. If you look straight, it looks as having one shape; if you see from behind, it is another thing. So from different sides, different shapes.

The Absolute looks like everything. It can look like a marketplace, it can look like a motorcar, it can look like a railway train, an aeroplane, a hospital, a temple, a human being, a stone. There is nothing which it cannot look like. If this thought enters the mind of any person, will that person be able to live in the world? What do you say? What will happen to you? You will slowly start melting into liquid. Your personality will evaporate into rarefied atmosphere, and no one will know what will happen. Even to hear this is a frightening thing, a little bit: “What is going to be my future?” In case the Absolute is going to embrace you, “Come on, my dear child,” what will you do? You will become vapour, and pervasive, and you will find yourself everywhere at one stroke. You are not in America, you are not in India, you are not in Swargasgram. You will find yourself at one stroke everywhere.

Plotinus, the great mystic of Alexandria, has written a book called Enneads. He is a wonder-man. It is worth reading what he is saying. He is the most prominent Western mystic. He says when you enter this state, light flashes forth everywhere. Light beholds light. That which beholds becomes that which is beheld. That which is beheld starts beholding. What is it beholding? That which sees becomes the seen, that which is seen becomes the seer, and everything enters everything else. This is, in Indian terminology, called Brahmaloka. We have got a word called Brahmaloka. The penultimate stage of the Absolute is called Brahmaloka. A particular stage is reached in our ascent to the spirit where we…

There are seven stages of ascent. Every stage is a melting down of personality. First the physical embodiment melts, then the psychological, then the intellectual, then the causal, then the very affirmation of individuality melts. And then you will find yourself in all space and all time. You will be at all times also, not merely at all places. You will find yourself in the past, present, future – everywhere. You will see Jesus Christ, Muhammad, at one stroke, here. They are not dead and gone. The Mahabharata, Ramayana, Iliad, Odyssey, all are taking place just now, at this very moment, at that time, because time goes away at that time. So the past becomes present, and the future also can be seen there. This is called eternity. This is the blessed stage.

Even thinking like this is a blessing. Even by thinking like this, you have moved an inch in the direction of this great blessedness, and God is looking at you. God is looking at you now, like this, and if He looks at you, then what else do you want?