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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1995
by Swami Krishnananda

28. Universal Law

(Darshan given on October 28th, 1995.)

An ashramite: What is universal law?

Swamiji: Universal law is that which keeps every little bit of the universe intact as a whole, and never allows it to disperse into parts. The whole thing is brought together in a powerful cementing force so that the whole universe becomes one person only. Similarly, you are made up of little cells, millions and millions of them, but you don't feel that you are made up of so many cells. You feel you are one. There is a law which brings all these millions of cells into one forceful collation of a centrality of existence so that you don't think that you are made up of little things. You are one whole thing. There seems to be millions of things in the universe, but they are not millions of things. They are all put together into a single Mahapurusha, Purushottama, as you call it. Just as you are one person, there is also one person in the cosmos. As you feel “I am one whole”, the Universal Being also feels “I am one whole”, which includes you and everything else. So it is the Cosmic Person, in whom every little particle of the universe is brought together into a completeness, and every little thing becomes a soul. You don't feel that your soul is in one place and the cells of your body are somewhere else. The cells themselves have become your soul, so that you are one integral, indivisible being. You are not made up of little parts. That is the state of the universe also. The whole universe, which includes you also, is one indivisible central existence which is conscious of itself. You are conscious of yourself, and that also is conscious of itself, in which consciousness everybody is included. Just as all the cells are included in your consciousness, the whole universe is included in that. That central consciousness which brings everything together into one whole, that is the universal law. Otherwise, everybody will run here and there, and your ears and nose will also be here and there. [Laughter]

Ashramite: In which way we are contacting the law, Swamiji?

Swamiji: You are always feeling that you are far away from the universe. “The universe is so big, so many millions of miles away, and there are the sun, moon and stars. I am somewhere on the Earth.” This idea is a mistake. You are not down below; you are everywhere. Why are you thinking that the stars are millions and millions of miles away? Then the stars will feel that you are millions and millions of miles away. Whatever you think about them, they will think about you also. Are you not millions of miles away from something? They are in the high sky, but you are also in the high sky. Where are you sitting? The entire Earth is moving in space, so you are in the middle of space. You are thinking that you are on the Earth, but why think like that? You are in the middle of space, and this shuttle is moving with great force, a spinning planet, and with that you are moving in space. You imagine you are in India, and so on. This idea must completely go away. You are in midspace. Can you think like this?

Ashramite: It is total thinking, Swamiji.

Swamiji: Yes, yes. It requires a little bit of calmly sitting quiet. For a few minutes you must be alone, not talking to anyone. Think over this. You are always busy, running, running, and so you cannot think like this. Keep quiet at least for half an hour, don't talk to anybody, and see what thoughts come. One day the time will come when you are alone. Nobody will come to you. Why do you wait for that day? Today itself be prepared for it. It is no difficulty at all. It is a simple thing, only you are mixing up ideas and creating a chaotic thought. That is the only mistake.

Ashramite: Swamiji, sometimes it is not so difficult for me, and sometimes it is difficult for me.

Swamiji: Because you are not able to catch the spirit of what I told you. It slips from the mind. Again and again the idea comes that God is somewhere far away, and moksha is after millions of years. It is not true. Moksha is not after millions of years, and God is not far away somewhere.

Ashramite: Sometimes it comes and…

Swamiji: Everybody feels like that. Everybody who is sitting here feels that God is millions and millions of miles away and we are on this Earth, this little planet, so He is not going to come so easily. This stupid idea will not leave anybody's mind because the force of gravity of the Earth compels you to think that you are on the Earth only. The force of gravity pulls the mind also, not merely the body, so you are Earthbound even in your thoughts. Get rid of this idea by this analytical process of meditation. You are jumping here and there, talking to people. It won't work. You must be alone to yourself for some time. Don't talk to any person. Be alone to yourself, and see what this mystery is. Once you catch it, you will be so happy and free, and you will not bother about anything afterwards. You will simply be a master of everything. Really you are a master, because the whole thing is with you. Why are you degrading yourself by thinking you are a little person, a little boy coming from somewhere, having a father somewhere? This idea must go away – no father, no mother, nothing is there. It is all an illusion in the mind, complete with the drama, and when the drama vanishes, you will find yourself alone. You are yourself sufficient for you. You won't want anybody's help if this thought is centralised and merged in your heart. The whole world is with you, so why do you want another man's friendship?

A visitor: Sometimes I think of some object of meditation, instead of just general. Is this okay, also practising mantras?

Swamiji: What object are you meditating on?

Visitor: Sometimes I see Swamiji, sometimes Christ, sometimes Krishna, and hold on to that thought.

Swamiji: What do you gain by this kind of thought? What is the benefit?

Visitor: If successful, there is only that one thought, and there's not this and that, and going around.

Swamiji: You feel this kind of thought is beneficial to you?

Visitor: Yes, Swamiji.

Swamiji: All right, go ahead.

Another visitor: My method to come to Self-realisation is through hatha yoga, and I would like to know how people in this institution are trying to realise it through raja yoga, or through meditation.

Swamiji: The Self is realised only through meditation. There is no other way.

Visitor: Hatha yoga is a way to raja yoga.

Swamiji: Let hatha yoga be the way to raja yoga; it is all right, but until you practise raja yoga, Self-realisation cannot come. If you spend all your life in hatha yoga, then where is the time for raja yoga? Hatha yoga is not as important as raja yoga, and when you are perfect in meditation according to raja yoga, you can give only minimum time for hatha yoga but maximum time for meditation through raja yoga. Do you understand me? Everybody can do hatha yoga. It is perfectly all right, but it is not sufficient. It is only a preparation. The real yoga is meditation, and that is possible only through raja yoga.