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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1995
by Swami Krishnananda

30. God Pulls the World

(Darshan given on November 12th, 1995.)

A visitor: Can human awareness, consciousness, go to a much higher level? That's what is predicted, in fact. To survive, we need a higher consciousness.

Swamiji: Yes, it is believed that the cycle of time, which moves somewhat like a wheel, has its ups and downs. There are occasions in the process of history when there are cultural downward movements, but the wheel always moves; therefore, there is no permanent down and permanent up for the wheel. It is always a movement from one condition to another condition, and we may hope that a better condition of human values will emerge in the course of time. Mankind gets disillusioned after having lived in this state of affairs for a long time; humanity has taken a set of values as most desirable, under which conditions people are living now, but a day will come when you will be fed up with it. It is not of any utility to you. And then, what you said is correct. There will be a higher upward movement of consciousness into states of more and more integration and comprehensiveness. In other words, perhaps we will be moving Godward in due course, which must take place because God cannot keep quiet. He will certainly pull the whole world towards Himself in the process of what we call evolution. So good days are coming. Let us be happy.

The universe has to move towards its ultimate centre. It cannot perish. So always hope for the best. God pulls the world. As Aristotle put it, God pulls the world as the beloved pulls the lover, not by a physical chain but as an indescribable affinity between one and the other. Because the world has come from God, the characteristics of God must be immanently present in the world; therefore, it is natural that the world has to be pulled back to its source. The effect always moves to the cause, so one day or the other there will be universal God-realisation. This is the belief of many philosophers – universal God-realisation. This is a message for you, a good message.

Visitor: My question is, could you advise us how to participate in raising awareness and consciousness to a higher level, that we can open up to the inner wisdom, and not just trust the rational mind?

Swamiji: Are you already doing something in this direction?

Visitor: Yes.

Swamiji: Tell me how you are proceeding. What is your method?

Visitor: I am meditating. I am trying to bring people in touch with each other by going to people from different religions – to Buddhists, to Sikh people, to Hindu people.

Swamiji: You meet people belonging to different religions. And what do you tell them?

Visitor: That we should open up our cultures and that we can be aware of the state of our universe.

Swamiji: What is their reaction to what you say?

Visitor: Positive.

Swamiji: For this reason you are travelling from place to place to meet people of different categories?

Visitor: I feel like I am sent. I feel like a donkey who takes messages from one place to another.

Swamiji: You should not talk to the masses, because that cannot be received properly. Each person you must meet personally – it may be one Muslim, one Christian, one Buddhist, one Hindu, one this, one that. When you are satisfied with your interview with that particular person, and there is a positive response, your work with that person is over. Be happy that you have done some good work.

Visitor: And then I can put it on paper and transmit it to other people?

Swamiji: You can write for your benefit; there is no objection. Actually, messages of God and prophets do not necessarily have a need for writing. Your words that are written will not convince people so much as the words that you speak, because when you speak there is a compelling conviction arising from your words, and not so much when you read a printed book. A printed book also is good, but speaking is much better. Likewise, you can meet different people. It doesn't mean that you can meet all the people in the world – just as much as you can within the ambit of your capacity. And, finally, God Himself will tell you what to do. Inspiration will come from inside, and do as the order comes from above. This is my message to you.

Another visitor: What advice can you give to a married woman who wants to live a spiritual life, to have a spiritual Guru?

Swamiji: You get up in the morning at some time. For half an hour, be alone to yourself. Don't talk to any person. You may be sitting on your own bed or sitting anywhere else. Close your eyes. Deeply think from where you have come: “So many incarnations I have passed through. I have been born many times. I have seen many fathers and mothers, many brothers and sisters. So who are my parents, really speaking?” Thousands of births you have taken, with thousands of fathers and mothers, thousands of brothers, sisters, relatives. So if that is the case, who is your father? Can you say anything? Do you understand what I mean? Everybody in the world will be your relative, if you can remember your thousands of births before. If this awareness is maintained by you, you will not get attached to anybody. Now you are saying “this is my sister, this is my brother”, so you are attached. This analysis will raise you to a level of perception where you will find everybody is your brother, everybody is your sister, everybody is your father, mother. But from where are these people coming, these fathers and mothers who are so many in number? They come from one central seed of all these manifestations: God Almighty.

Hence, where are you from? Not from Mauritius or anywhere. “I am coming from the supreme God Almighty, so His grace is always inside me.” Go on meditating like this for half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the evening because you are a busy person. Study the Bhagavadgita every day, or the Srimad Bhagavatam, and do whatever service you can for people, in your own capacity. This sadhana is sufficient for you. There is nothing more to say. Okay? Hari Om.