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Darshan with Swami Krishnananda during 1995
by Swami Krishnananda

4. The Law of Nature

(Darshan given on April 2nd, 1995.)

A visitor: My friends and I have come to the Ashram to do sadhana, and we would like to know what sadhana is being done here.

Swamiji: We have only one sadhana – unity with God – and that power works through us. You asked me what instruments I am employing for keeping this Ashram in this status. We have no apparatus, no instruments, and nothing externally appreciable. We have only the power of God with us, and that works very effectively because in our feeling for God, in our devotion to God and our effort to unite our soul with God we are one hundred percent sincere, and so The Divine Life Society is a miracle of God and a miracle of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

You asked what sadhana we do. Our sadhana is only one: trust in God and unity with God. Everything works wonderfully afterwards.

Visitor: What is your message to people?

Swamiji: People should not be selfish. They should not lead a corrupt life, and they should know the aim of life, first of all. Everybody is living, but why are they living? Let this question be answered by any person. When the ultimate aim of life is not known at all, anything that you do in this world becomes a futile effort, so what Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj had in his mind was to educate people in the right line. What we lack is not money or power; we have got everything, but no education is there. Our country is lacking education. There are no really educated people in this country. They are all politicians fighting for their power, for their chair; and the aim of life, which is to condition personal and social life, is lacking very much because the philosophy of education has gone underground. There is only politically manoeuvred education going on now – job-oriented education, we may say – but man-making education is not in the mind of any person, for reasons God only knows. We lack education; we lack nothing else.

My final message to you is nobody will help you in this world. You have no friends, but you have got only One Friend.

An ashramite: What is the law of nature? I want to know that.

Swamiji: You have to obey the law of your body. Will you go against the law of your own body? What is the law of your body? That is exactly the law of nature. The whole nature is in your body only. Your body is a small universe. The body requires something, and will you deny it or will you give it?

Ashramite: I have to give it.

Swamiji: Then it is the same thing – whatever nature requires. You must consider nature as yourself only, and you do to it whatever you do to yourself. Actually, it is not merely a philosophy; it is also the truth. You are foolishly thinking that you are outside nature. Nature has entered into you. You are made up of the same bricks as nature is made of. Your body is made up of the same substance as the world – the same earth, same air, same heat, same water, same space inside. There is absolutely no difference between the world and yourself. There are mountains in the world, and there are also mountains inside the body. There is space, and there is space inside the body. There is light, and there is light here. Whatever you find there is here. So if you say the requirements of the body should not be denied, you cannot deny the requirement of the universe also.

Always be friendly with whatever is happening in the universe. But it is difficult because you always think, “How can I be friendly with somebody else?” He is not a 'somebody else'. It is you only; your larger body it is. Feel that you are becoming so big that you have gone beyond the sky, and you are the only man existing.

Ashramite: So in what way am I contradicting these things?

Swamiji: You are contradicting when you say the world is outside you. Feel you are becoming bigger and bigger; you have become so big that you have covered the whole sky, so there is no nature at that time. You are asking what is the law of nature. There is no nature; it is you only. Therefore, there is no distinction between yourself and nature, because you have become nature by making yourself bigger and bigger. So whatever you would like to do to yourself, that you do to nature, and you should not say it is outside. You have become that only. The whole mountain is also inside you, and the sun, moon and stars, everything.

Hence, when you ask what is the law of nature, you are asking what is the law of yourself. And you know very well what is your law. The same thing is to be applied to everything. But it is not everything; it is you only. Again and again the old prejudice continues that it is outside. Then the whole world will become friendly with you. You are treating it as an object outside; therefore, it is a problem. There is only nature. You are not existing. Nobody exists here. They are only fingers and cells of the body of the cosmos, and only one soul is there. There is not my soul, your soul, and so on. There is one soul, one body, and if you can think this, then your question is answered. There is only one soul, not many souls as you are imagining. They are all drops of that soul. And one body also, and one person only. There is only one person in the universe and only one soul and one body, and so where is the question? The question has gone immediately.

But you will never believe it. It requires great willpower. Whatever I have told you is the highest meditation. You need not read any book afterwards.

Ashramite: So the whole problem is that we are confining ourselves to this body, this…

Swamiji: “This body, this body” – you should not talk like that. You have become one with nature. Nature is your body. In religious parlance, it is called the Viratswarupa. There is nothing else existing. Other things do not exist at all. It is not a story that I am telling you. It is a scientific fact. The idea that we are existing separately is the problem before us. Otherwise, you will be taken care of by That which you really are. It is a very important matter.