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Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals
by Swami Krishnananda


These random ideas which I expressed on various occasions have been brought together by the effort of my colleagues in the Ashram, and it should go without saying that this effort will amply be rewarded by the benefit that it is likely to render to spiritual seekers the world over. Being words spoken on the spur of the moment, they are perhaps more in the form of a visualisation or communication than a text deliberately written in any systematic manner. As it is well said that philosophy is the autobiography of the philosopher, students are likely to find here the infrastructure, the trend and the outlook that I sought to present to participants in religion, with a view to be of some aid to them in their efforts to find a meaning in religious life, or perhaps in life in its generality. Unprepared and unpremeditated as these disquisitions are, they will evidently carry a novel force of conviction arising from feeling and from a vision which can be considered as the framework of one's existence.

I shall be thankful if students, seekers and readers find here something which they would regard as their own.