Essays in Life and Eternity
Text-to-Speech Audios



1. The Absolute and the Relative

2. The Universal and the Particular

3. The Cosmological Descent

4. The Gods and the Celestial Heaven

5. The Human Individual

6. The Evolution of Consciousness

7. The Epistemological Predicament

8. The World of Science

9. Psychology and Psychoanalysis

10. Aesthetics and the Field of Beauty

11. The Phenomenon of Society

12. Axiology: The Aims of Existence

13. The Nomative Features of Ethics and Morality

14. Civic and Social Duty

15. The Economy of Life

16. Political Science and Administration

17. The Process of History

18. Education and Culture

19. The Inklings and Stages of a Higher Presence

20. The Exploration of Reality

21. The Epics and Puranas

22. The Role of Mythology In Religion

23. The Ecstasy of God-Love

24. The Agama Sastra

25. Tantra Sadhana

26. The Yoga-Vasishtha

27. Philosophical Proofs for the Existence of God

28. Empirical Systems of Philosophy

29. The Mimamsa Doctrine of Works

30. The Gospel of the Bhagavad Gita

31. The Path of Divine Devotion

32. The Integral Philosophy of the Vedanta

33. Fundamentals of the Spiritual Ascent

34. The Art of Meditation

35. The Recession of Effects To Causes

36. Experiences in Meditation

37. The Yoga System of Patanjali

38. Life After Death

39. Moksha: The Final Liberation

40. On The Concept of Righteousness and Justice

41. In Defence of a Proper Philosophical Analysis

42. Creation and Some of its Implications

43. Concerning Inter-Philosophical Dialogue and International Understanding

44. The Import of the Gita's First Chapter

45. The Import of the Gita's Second Chapter

46. The Import of the Gita's Third Chapter

47. The Import of the Gita's Fourth Chapter

48. The Cosmic Form Speaks