His Holiness Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj
Attains Mahasamadhi

On Friday morning, November 23rd, 2001 Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj told me that the previous night he had a dream that he had died, and Dr. Babu declared him dead. Swamiji told this to two other assistants as well. During supper later that day, Swamiji had a sudden and severe asthma attack, and left his body. Dr. Babu from our Ashram hospital tried to revive Swamiji, but after a few minutes he declared that Swamiji was gone.

The last rites were carried out on Sunday, November 25. Many devotees and most of the local people came to pay their last respects. Thousands of people were present. Swamiji's mortal coil was carried in a sitting position in a palanquin; Swamiji and the palanquin were covered in flower garlands. Swamiji was carried in procession to the Samadhi Shrine, the Viswanath Mandir, and the Bhajan Hall of the Sivananda Ashram, then along the road to the arch and then to Sivananda Ghat where abishek was performed. As Swamiji was being taken in the boat to be immersed in the Ganga, three large flocks of birds appeared in the sky, each flock in a V formation. They were flying in the direction of Badrinath, the abode of Lord Narayana and the holiest temple in India. It appears that the divinities themselves came to bless.

Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj is by far the greatest being that I have ever met. The love, kindness and blessings that continuously flowed from this Great Master has been felt by thousands. Swami Krishnananda was happy that his website was being appreciated by so many seekers all over the world. This website will continue. In fact, Swamiji has not gone anywhere; Swamiji is still with us even now because Swamiji is everywhere.

The December 2001 edition of the Divine Life Magazine carried an article entitled H.H. Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj Attains Mahasamadhi.

Swami Narayanananda