The Study and Practice of Yoga
Audios of Swami Krishnananda



Chapter 1. The Aim of Yoga

Chapter 2. The Foundation of the Discipline in Yoga Practice

Chapter 3. A Broad Outline of the Stages of Yoga

Chapter 4. Individuality and Consciousness

Chapter 5. The Practice of Being Alone

Chapter 6. Spiritual Life is Positive, Not Punitive

Chapter 7. Initial Steps in Yoga Practice

Chapter 8. The Principle of Self-Affirmation

Chapter 9. Perception and Reality

Chapter 10. Self-Control: The Alpha and Omega of Yoga

Chapter 11. The Integrality of the Self

Chapter 12. Sublimation - A Way to Reshuffle Thought

Chapter 13. Defence Mechanisms of the Mind

Chapter 14. The Indivisibility of All Things

Chapter 15. Consonance with the Essential Make-up of Things

Chapter 16. The Inseparability of Notions and the Mind/p>

Chapter 17. Objectivity is Experience Finally

Chapter 18. The Dual Process of Withdrawal and Contemplation

Chapter 19. Returning to Pure Subjectivity

Chapter 20. The World and Our World

Chapter 21. Returning to Our True Nature

Chapter 22. Practice of Yoga - The Life and Goal of Our Existence

Chapter 23. The Internal Relationship of All Things

Chapter 24. Affiliation with Larger Wholes

Chapter 25. Sadhana - Intensifying a Lighted Flame

Chapter 26. The Gunas of Prakriti

Chapter 27. Problems are a State of Mind

Chapter 28. Bringing About Whole-Souled Dedication

Chapter 29. The Play of the Gunas

Chapter 30. The Cause of Bondage

Chapter 31. Intense Aspiration

Chapter 32. Our Concept of God

Chapter 33. What Divine Love Is

Chapter 34. Surrender to God

Chapter 35. The Recitation of Mantra

Chapter 36. The Rise of Obstacles in Yoga Practice

Chapter 37. Preventing the Fall in Yoga Practice

Chapter 38. Impediments in Concentration and Meditation

Chapter 39. Concentrating the Mind on One Reality

Chapter 40. Re-Educating the Mind

Chapter 41. Becoming Harmonious with All

Chapter 42. How Feelings and Sensation Work

Chapter 43. Harmonising Subject and Object

Chapter 44. Assimilating the Object

Chapter 45. Piercing the Structure of the Object

Chapter 46. The Barrier of Space and Time

Chapter 47. The Rise from Savitarka to Nirvitarka

Chapter 48. Encountering Troubles and Opposition

Chapter 49. The Rise to Savichara and Nirvichara

Chapter 50. The States of Sananda and Sasmita

Chapter 51. Sat-Chit-Ananda or God-consciousness



Chapter 52. Yoga Practice: A Series of Positive Steps

Chapter 53. A Very Important Sadhana

Chapter 54. Practice Without Remission of Effort

Chapter 55. Cause of Bondage