The Nature of the True Religious Life
Audios of Swami Krishnananda

Chapter 1 - We are Mysterious Somethings

Chapter 2 - Understanding the Experience of Deep Sleep

Chapter 3 - The Relationship of God, the World, and the Individual

Chapter 4 - The Definition of Religion

Chapter 5 - Becoming Fit for Moksha

Chapter 6 - The Chanting of Veda Mantras and the First Mantra of the Purusha Sukta

Chapter 7 - The Doctrine of Creation in the Purusha Sukta

Chapter 8 - True Renunciation – The Poor in Spirit

Chapter 9 - Participating in the Unity of Knowledge and Action

Chapter 10 - The True Meaning of Renunciation in Religious Life

Chapter 11 - The Importance of Holy Ritual

Chapter 12 - The Simplicity Born of Utter Goodness

Chapter 13 - The Super-Physical Union of Yoga

Chapter 14 - The Centripetal Cohesive Pressure of the Self

Chapter 15 - Awakening to the Destiny of the Universe