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The Song of God Almighty
by Swami Krishnananda

I: The Supreme Brahman

XIII. 12-17

The Supreme Object to be known,
Knowing which there is naught to know,
Is That which is the Being-All,
As also what is Non-Being.

The Absolute is Brahman Great,
With no beginning or an end,
Know what it is in fullness now,
The Glory surpassing reason.

With hands and feet spread everywhere,
With eyes and heads and mouths and ears,
As infinite encompassing,
All worlds at once it envelops.

Looking like all the senses' science
It stands above all sensations;
It's Unattached, though holding all,
And Undefined, yet beauty grand.

It's out and in amidst all things,
Unchanging, still in greatest speed,
Subtlest is it as Subjectness
Of all that seems as objective.

Farthest is it, and nearest still,
Divided looks though impartite,
As men, women and all species,
As all the things it does behave.

It absorbs all, Samvarga known,
Yet repels what is 'external';
The Greatest Light of lights is it,
Beyond the sleep of ignorance.

All knowledge of which world does boast
Is ray of darkness in its eves,
For sense and mason of this world
Are distortions as upside-down.

XIII. 30

When one beholds all variety
As rooted in the Absolute,
Then and there does one realise
The widespread bliss eternity's

XV. 6

No sun, nor moon, nor stars, nor fire
Do shine before that Glorious Light,
On reaching which the blessed souls
Return never to mortal life.

II. 29

Wonder, indeed, is Might of mights,
All-might it is, Almighty called;
One sees as wonder, wonder hears,
As wonder speaks who knows it well.

As wonder does one hear its name,
Even hearing, one knows it not,
For none can know it as 'another',
It knows Itself as "I-Am-I."

VII. 3

Some lonely one among thousands
Does seek it in one's deepest heart,
And among those who so aspire,
May one somewhere that Goal attain.

VII. 19

Passing through births in thousands, say,
Some blessed one loves it as Self,
To know that God is All-in-All,
Lo, such a soul is rare in world.

X. 2

Not all the gods can know That God,
For gods were born through creation;
Nor sages, saints, nor scholars wise,
Can hope to know it as the All.

Beyond all worlds, above all things,
That Grandeur reigns as marvel's height;
So none but That-Which-Is can know
The That-Which-Is, which is the All.

XVIII. 61, 62

That Lord of lords abides hidden
In hearts of all, revolving all;
As if on machine mounted they
Rotate in cycle helplessly.

Resort to That, the Being all,
With all thy feeling and thy heart,
Abundant Grace from It receive
And deathless peace thou shalt attain.

X. 41, 42

Where puissance rises all at once
Beyond the ken of human mind,
In Nature's deeds or living forms,
That should be known as God in work.

A minute fraction, as it were,
Of that stupendous sea of force,
Does sustain all this creation,
Transcendent is its Majesty.

IX. 16-19

The sacrifice and offering,
The Mantras of all variety,
The holy pouring on fire,
And fire itself are God's workings.

God is the Father all-caring,
He is Mother, Grandfather, Friend, Supporter,
Sacred OM, the One
That need be known in every way.

He is the Rik, Yajus, Saman,-
The holy lore of wisdom deep,-
All knowledge, known and knower, too,
In one eternal timeless grasp.

The God supreme is He of all,
Protector, Lord, the Witness sole,
Abode, Refuge, Comrade and Guide,
Origin, middle, end of things.

The Source, Treasure and Abundance,
The Seed ev'rlasting, Wealth of worlds,
Eternal Tapas, Selfless Self,
Self-restraint and Self-fulfilment.

He heats as sun and rains as cloud,
He withholds Nature's actions, too;
And releases the same at will;
He's Death and Immortality.

What is and is not all is He,
Who can with mind and reason gauge
His work that is so marvellous
Which defies all sagacity.

IX. 4-6

He's immanent and transcendent,
Within, without and in-between,
As Whole absorbing all the parts,
The parts residing not in Whole.

How strange it is that Its own parts
Are not the Whole though Whole contains
In Itself all as Its own Self,
As integrated cosmic sweep.

Yet, nothing is in Self's domain,
In All-Self, God, nothing abides,
For lone is It, with none as friend,
Though friend of all is Almighty.

Wonder, Greatness, is name of God,
'The That' is His definition,
'Suchness,' 'Whichness,' so they do call
The One that is which breathless breathes.

As elements five have entered all
All things as world's constituents,
And yet they enter naught in fact,
So God abides in this creation.

VII. 7

Second to Him there none does live,
No one does breathe save through His nose,
As ornaments are gold alone,
So God is all this creation.

But God is above creation,
As snake in rope is not the rope,
The rope is transcendent to snake,
Though immanent in form of snake.

VI. 29-52

Here do we have the promise made,
By that solacing Parent Great,
The Constitution, world's one law,
That needs never amendations.

"Who beholds Me as beings' Soul,
And beholds all rooted in Me.
By eye of Yoga, third vision,
And sees Me everywhere in all;

And sees all things as Mine own form,
Him I desert not, nor ever
Is he without Me; this is truth
That surpasses all laws and creeds.

With sole vision who sees me Whole,
As all beings and all the things,
May deport as he lists in world;
He still abides in Me, the Lord.

As one's own self who sees all things,
And harms not any as one's dear self,
With equal love and same concern,
In pleasure, pain, he excels high."

IX. 22

"Who know Me as the All-in-All,
And think Me undividedly,
To them I grant security
And fill them with their wants and needs."


"Abandon all the laws that bind,
And take resort to Law of Mine;
I promise thee with all My Heart,
I free thee from thy sins galore."


"Behold this Form in all its ways,
Which interlinks all creation,
Holds up in one all variety,
The Soul and Self of everything.

Here is the Truth of every truth,
The Life of every being's life,
Existence of existences,
The Absolute Inclusiveness.

Look, Time and Space are rolled up here,
Which enter Eternity's Heart,
And all the things in all conditions
Do behold with deathless eyes.

Herein are all the gods and men,
All realms of being, all the worlds;
The past, present and future's role
In single flash are here revealed.

Behold the sun, the moon and stars,
And every wonder one conceives;
All beauty, love, terror and war
Are laid here bare as single play.

Here are perceptions everywhere,
One Whole performing all the deeds,
Knower, Knowledge and Known are one
In this abundance, wealth of souls.

In every speck of space are eyes,
All souls do dance in All-Soul's Self,
And everything is everywhere
In all the states of life galore.

What is and is not, good and bad,
The known and unknown mysteries,
Whatever one would think and see,
Are all at once in vision's grasp.

Distance between is set at naught,
Nothing is far, all's here and now,
One Being knows Itself as All,
None else can know or see this ever.

Study and chant and sacrifice,
Philanthropy or charity,
Austerity or service done
Can have no hope to reach this God.

Hard, hard is it by means in Time
To know the Timeless Being's truth;
By Timeless melting of the soul
Can soul behold this Soul of all.

Objective forms, whatever they,
Do not the Subject's fringe contact;
Contactless Contact is the way,
Asparsa Yoga it is called.

The Pure Subject is Infinite,
How can the object touch its core,
Since objectness is shadow cast
By Total Self in Time and Space.

The Archetype of archetypes
By which are sustained selfs and worlds;
In this miracle, Dread of dreads;
The Death of death is this All-Life."

IV. 7, 8

When law integral, wholesome rule,
Declines and centrifugal urge
Gains upper hand, then winds of God
Begin to blow as healing force;

When anti-God powers on earth
Universality oppose,
Then God uplifts His mighty rod
And descends as Incarnation.

To quell all dark and evil trends,
And plant the soul in history,
The Soul Supreme comes down to men
To fix forces of righteousness.

To save the good and uproot bad,
To establish here virtue's norms,
To Godly Kingdom bring to world,
The Absolute reveals itself.

At every juncture of conflict
Between the do's and don'ts of life,
Within in man or out in world,
The wholesome Law does incarnate.

Thus, and more, are the great grand deeds,
Operations and wondrous ways
Of that Being, the Absolute,
We call it God of universe.