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Thought for the Day for May
by Swami Krishnananda

  1. The sadhana that one does should speak through the actions and the words which manifest themselves through one's personality.
  2. The seeking of the meaning implicit in life's processes is philosophy. The working out of philosophy in one's life is the practice of yoga.
  3. All study, all endeavour, and every enterprise, in every walk of life, results in the fixing of oneself in a type of reality. This is precisely the function of meditation.
  4. If you want to reach God, you have to think like God. You cannot go on thinking like a foolish person and then attain God.
  5. All humanity is inside you, with you, within you, and has taken possession of you. The principle of every individual in the world is also inside you, so that on different occasions you can manifest the character of any person in this world.
  6. I do not any more see many philosophies and many religions; they just don't exist for me.
  7. Many days of meditation do not mean much; it is the kind of meditation that you have been practising, and the quality, that is involved there.
  8. Life does not come from any particular locality; it comes from the entire creative setup. All life is the world, this universe. Everything is life; nothing is dead.
  9. The Self is not what you can see with your eyes, because it is the Seer of all things.
  10. The 'Advaita' of Sankara is not so much the assertion of oneness as the negation of duality, as the names of his system suggests. God is not one or two or three, for He is above numerical affirmation.
  11. The obstacles to meditation can be met by meditation alone, practised repeatedly with undaunted vigour.
  12. Yoga is a process of rejoicing. It is not a suffering. It is a movement through happiness. From one state of joy, we move to another state of joy.
  13. The Upanishad wants to tell us that the universe is nothing but a bundle of vibrations. It is not made up of things, objects, substances, etc. Energy continuum is the universe.
  14. The spiritual way of life is perhaps the most intriguing and enigmatic of all arts and sciences.
  15. There is eternity masquerading in this mortal frame of the human individual, the great fact of the universe which is peeping through every pore of our perceptional faculties.
  16. One has to be friendly with every stage of creation, and yoga is nothing but this establishment of amity and friendliness in every level of creation.
  17. I can deeply feel affection for you without any kind of outward demonstration of it, and that is enough. That is called dhyana, or meditation.
  18. Who seeks to know what truth do things enshrine
    Would know that Self is dearest all things hold.
  19. Spiritual meditation is itself a joy. It is not a work. It is not an ordinary performance. It is the soul trying to return to itself.
  20. When we chant Om, we are diving deep into the very substance of the whole universe. It is as if we are melting the hard body and making it into a liquid of force.
  21. Yoga is the search for Truth in its ultimate reaches and above its relative utility. Adequate preparations have to be made for this adventure. We have to become honest before Truth, and not merely in the eyes of our friends.
  22. God is not merely grand or magnificent; He is also beautiful! Let the heart accept it. Then you will see the desires subside, and you will ask for nothing in the world afterwards.
  23. Sadhana is a sort of constant remembering a thing against heavy odds, and pulling up oneself from sinking into deep mires. To retain the thought of God in a world of colours and sounds that dazzle the eyes and din the ears is sadhana.
  24. The world loves you more than you love it, and God loves you more than you love Him.
  25. No achievement, either on earth or in heaven, no greatness pertaining to the world of name and form, is worth considering. The love of life is based on the love of the Self.
  26. Every worship is an invocation, and every form of meditation is an invocation; and invocation means the calling of the force into our own being and the planting of the power of the Divine in our own personality.
  27. Duty is also, automatically, a privilege. The gods in heaven know that we deserve whatever is necessary for our existence under the conditions of the duty that we have to perform.
  28. The blessings of the greatest of people come to us unknown, undiscovered, and undemonstrated.
  29. The karma that we speak of is nothing but the reaction of the universal electromagnetic field with which we are interfering every day as outsiders, as it were, which it does not permit.
  30. The moment we intervene or touch this electromagnetic field of the cosmos with an external attitude, it gives a kick; that is what is called the nemesis of karma.
  31. It is said that God-realisation is the Goal of life because when we attain God, we have attained everything. By knowing That, we have known all things. By acquiring That, we have possessed everything.