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Salutation to the Guru
by Swami Krishnananda

(From the Divine Life magazine, September 1960 issue)

Salutation to that preceptor who has pointed the way out to one that has entered the ‘forest' of worldly existence and is bewildered due to the loss of the awareness of the direction in it.

Saints are like the spring season, fulfilling the needs of the people – who, taking compassion on the world, act in a manner suitable to the teaching and training of the mentality of human beings on earth, though, by themselves, they shine as luminous suns of wisdom, drink deep from, and take bath in, the limitless ocean of bliss, move in it, inside and outside, equally free from the notion of duality, knowing that all is the one Self. To such great preceptors be our prostrations.

Have the company of the wise. Develop firm devotion to the Lord. Cultivate virtues like tranquillity, and the like. Abandon selfish actions. Approach a proper Teacher. Serve his feet. Aspire for the one, eternal Brahman. Listen to the great precepts of the Upanishads.

Triumph be to Sivananda, the Guru, the great Sannyasin, the reservoir of knowledge, the performer of great deeds, who works for the good of the world, realizing that the world exists as the form of his own Self.