The Epic of Consciousness
by Swami Krishnananda


Who can with eyes and mind fathom
The depths of God who lies within
The hearts of all as Seer sole?
They say that goal of man is God,
But who is God and how is He
Contacted by efforts of men?
If Being Whole is God's essence,
What alignment can then suffice
To be the being which is God?
Do not all things enjoy being,
As they exist which is being?
Since Beingness is everywhere,
How does one enter Being's Self?
Is not restraint of self the way
To reach the Self intriguingly?

The control, then, is self's return
To itself as the lone Knower,
Since knowing what is not oneself
Sunders the self as knower-known,
A contradiction in the Self.
Some say it is sense-abstraction,
Which signifies the wrenching act
Of senses from the object world
This deed of self would keep the world
Apart from itself as other
Than its own being as if things
Have no being, but void they are.

If things are naught, where is the need
To draw the self from their clutches?
The secret, then, is not withdrawal,
But communion of Self with Self
Which uncleaved ranges in and out.
Here is a feat which mind's powers
Do not unwary can perform,
Sharp, subtle as a razor's edge.
As trackless track of birds in sky
Or fish in brine invisible,
Is this the blessed path to God.
Caution, then, seeker, be awake,
And know the Truth by Grace Divine.

Here, in these lines of poetry
From sea of life some pearls are laid
Before the eyes of all seekers
Who long the light to envision
By which to disentangle self
From life's turmoil and tear's vale
And see creation as a play
Of God Almighty, Great and Grand,
To blessed live and aims fulfil,
On earth below and in heaven
And everywhere with freedom's Peace.

The whole gamut of life's journey
With all its grandeur and greatness,
Its ups and downs as seekers see
By inner eye's penetration
May readers read and souls enjoy.