The Heritage of Indian Culture
by Swami Krishnananda

Publisher's Note

This lecture series entitled The Heritage of Indian Culture was given by Swami Krishnananda during the course of eight Sunday evening satsangs in 1980. Here Swamiji brings to light the vision of India, which sees the totality of the various manifestations of life and visualises the One in the many, and how this has relevance in our lives today. Swamiji explores the meaning and development of culture and civilization, the role that philosophy, religion and scripture have played, and why Indian culture has remained so rich and vital through the passage of time while other cultures have perished. Swamiji also discusses the individual's role in society and integrates this with our process of evolution towards the attainment of the Ultimate Reality.

Swamiji's masterful analysis and in-depth, all-inclusive understanding, combined with his brilliant style of expression, give us a penetrating insight into this important subject and make it a delightful read.