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The Philosophy of Religion
by Swami Krishnananda


The present publication consists of another series of lectures addressed by the author to the students of the Academy at the Headquarters of The Divine Life Society. Though the book is indeed going to be a useful and interesting reading, it may not equally be an easy reading. As the themes advance through the chapters, there is a tendency in the presentation to become a little more difficult gradually, mainly on account of the nature of the subjects treated in the later sections. This is especially so with the second half of the book, which enters into a discussion of varied topics, theoretical as well as practical. The last chapter may require a specially concentrated attention of the student, in the light of the novelty of the approach to the subject.

This valued contribution may with advantage be studied as a fitting sequel to the author's earlier "An Introduction to the Philosophy of Yoga" and "Yoga as a Universal Science". The three texts read in a sequence would form almost a complete exposition of the vast range of the foundations as well as the practical methodology of the human quest for eternal values.

1st March, 1997.