Self-Realisation, Its Meaning and Method
by Swami Krishnananda


“Know thyself and be free.” This perennial wisdom-teaching rings the eternal message of the ageless quest of all creation-bound fields of self-awareness, whether these be persons, things or whatever evolving species. The character of ‘self’ ingrained everywhere and in everything explains loves as well as hatreds, war as well as peace, statis as well as dynamis, life as well as death. But for the assertion of an inscrutable and transcendent apperception and non-objective consciousness playing hide and seek and masquerading through all forms of existence, perpetually, the drama of the universe would not have remained that eluding mystery which it purports to be and has been for ever and ever. Here is an attempt to ponder over this most essential of all needs, this pressing call from within and without and from all sides in the life of everyone.

The contents of this book form the subject of five lectures addressed to seekers in the Ashram of The Divine Life Society, some years back, and it is hoped that these suggestions will do some good to many a searching spirit.

—Swami Krishnananda
25th April, 1994