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The Universality of Being
by Swami Krishnananda

Publisher's Note

This is a series of discourses that Swamiji gave to students in the Ashram's Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy during March and April 1996. In this course Swamiji discusses the true nature of reality—that everything, including ourselves, exists at all times and at all places; that the past, present and future are an appearance and are interchangeable; and that even the smallest particle is in all levels of existence simultaneously—and guides the student through a profound meditation technique of becoming established in that awareness, culminating in the highest state of being, the Absolute.

The reader is taken stage by stage through the levels of samadhi, and is given a practical explanation of the highest truth behind the appearance of creation, and of how understanding these facts and applying them to one's own perception results in Self-realisation, liberation, moksha.

This is an important book for all sincere spiritual seekers, who will be benefitted greatly by it.