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Essays on the Upanishads and Other Essays
A Souvenir released on Swami Krishnananda's 33rd Birthday


The World is Proud of You, Krishnananda!

by Sri Sivananda-Muktananda, Delhi

So keen in the quest of Truth,
Illusory pleasures dared not stand in your way,
O gem of brilliant radiance,
Siva is proud of you.

A seeker of high attainments,
Revealing secrets of Vedanta-Sadhana;
O “seer-sage in the, making”,
India is proud of you.

You helpful one, your service true,
Speed forth, O blissful one, inspiring us all;
O torch-bearer of the message of Siva,
The world is proud of you.

Unforgettable Contact

by Sri Edwin A. Burtt, Sage School of Philosophy, New York, U.S.A.

Please convey to Swami Krisbnananda Mrs. Burtt's awl my warm regards, gratitude, and hearty good wishes. We shall never forget the rewarding hours spent in discussion with him last October, and I have found his book on “The Realization of the Absolute” an exceptionally clear exposition of the Vedanta philosophy. We should be very happy if we could be with you on the 25th of this month.


by Dr. B. G. Adhwaryoo, Patan

Swami Krishnananda is the living example of Sthita-Pragna. As such an effort to describe him, would be a mere repetition of all the virtues described in Gita. One who wants to study these by practical demonstration rather than by reading should be with him for some time.

I pray to Lord to give him a stronger body.


by Nrimati Dr. Laxmi Mirchandani, M.B.B.S., Delhi

Sri Swami Krishnanandaji—How clearly the picture comes back! There he sat between Sri Swami Sivanandaji and Swami Sadanandaji—a radiant figure with a serene smile. He was unveiling the knotty problems of the Brahma Sutras; but none that listened to his simple logical words could ever guess what high philosophy was being imparted to them. Youth and cheer linked to Vadanta—a rare combination—but that is Swami Krishnananda. After reading his commentary on Moksha Gita one always looks forward to his articles.

May the Lord bless him with health and long years of service to the humanity.


by Sri K.Lakshmi, B.A B T., Mangalore

Swami Krishnananda is one of the foremost disciples of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. He is the “Vedanta Kesari” of the Forest University. He is the living embodiment of love, purity, kindness, humility and gentleness.

He is a dynamic Karma Yogi He does everything for the sake of his Guru, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, who is the incarnation of Lord Siva in Himself.

Swami Krishnananda is a great writer. He is the personification of simplicity both in his appearance and writing. He is the most inspiring teacher of humanity. His writings are highly inspiring and illuminating, touching the core of everyone's heart. Here is a great Self-realised sage teaching humanity the ways and means of attaining Supreme Knowledge.

The wisdom stars which always glitter in him, mine all those who come in contact with him. The wisdom spark which ever shines on his lips is this: “The whole life, from birth to death, is a period of studentship. The subject matter of study is the Supreme Knowledge of Atma Vidya and nothing else. Realising this knowledge Absolute, there is nothing to be known or attained. This is the highest duty of every human being.”

Let us all march in the light of the footsteps of Sri Swami. Krishnanandaji. May he live long.

Your books have kindled my inspiration also to a very high degree.

Swami Krishnanandaji, Swami Chidanandaji and Swami Paramanandaji are really great souls and you and the Divine Life Society should be proud to possess these, jewels in your crown. Kindly convey my respects to them. Of course, it is all due to your holy self who have made them great. I wish I were in a position to meet you as well as these inspired powerful souls. —Jaykumar D. Shukla, A. C. A., Andheri, Bombay.

For many years I have not been so glad as on the day I received your wonderful letter. No words can tell you how blessed I feel, because you wrote to me. Also my heartfelt gratitude for the captivating picture with the nice dedication you privileged me with. Your picture has the chief place in my living-room now, as you have the chief place in my heart. Since the time I read your book: “Concentration and Meditation”, I admired and loved your great spirit. This book is so worthy and holy to me. To read something of your teachings is a privilege and a blessing itself. How grateful I feel because God granted me to live on this earth at the same time as you! —Mrs. Bodil Becher, Germany.

I have decided to visit India after 14 years of stay in East Africa, and one of the attractions is to visit thy holy place and spend a few days in learning. —Dr. A.N.Bhall, L.M.P. (C.P), Mbale (Uganda).

Swamiji's books give me great joy and strength. —Molly Gwynn, Burnpur, West Bengal.

Every word of yours influenced my heart very deeply and had put a now life and courage in my soul. —Chaman Lal Ahluwalia, Gurdaspur.

Since you initiated us into Krishna Mantra, I think that I am somewhat carried away with spiritual idea which was absent in me in previous days. Nowadays I am much attracted to read only your books.

Whenever I receive a letter from you, I get profound joy and inspiration. By your books I found that disciples do get inspiration from Gurus. —Ananda Mejlu, Digapahandi.

I am filled with joy and gratitude for your affectionate and generous gift of the seven valuable works published by the Divine Life Society. I shall study these with deep devotion, for they seem to reflect a veritable wealth of your spiritual enlightenment. I am sure to derive from them peace of mind and satisfaction. In our workaday lives we do need occasional glimpses into the mysteries of God-realisation as experienced and presented by contemporary thinkers, amongst whom you stand so high.

Ever since I came in contact with your goodself, I have looked upon your mission as a great redeeming feature and a solace to a world so fast sinking into the quagmire of utter materialism and frustration. I hope that the present-day conflict between good and evil will not last long and, as our history would seem to point, an era of human salvation may dawn, I pray, in our country, through the spiritual effort of great souls like yourself.

Thanking you once again for your gift, and with my prayers for your long life, I am, —Balwant Singh Puri, General Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society.

It is with great and profound pleasure and joy that I send you this letter to let you know how much your illustrious, enlivening and righteous duty in the service of the world is appreciated. Dozens of schools and write to me from all parts of the country, and in the disctrict where I live many friends individuals come to listen to lectures that I give them from your books and magazines, and as soon as I finish expounding the various articles written by you and the magazines are left in my hands for a month, they are all then distributed to various centres where they are not only highly appreciated, but they are held in such high esteem that praises usually come in abundance, and they are also intimaed that at last a treasure-house has been opened wherein they can drink freely from the literary fountain of the Upanishadic and Shastric and Vedic education that you have been scattering in abundance all around. Yours is the narrow lane, wherein only the Avataras trod, and now I, in obedience, pay deep respect to your uplifted Atmic Self which will undoubtedly be merged in the Paramatma when you have crossed the bend of that great beyond. Dear Guruji, you have at last touched the borders of the Parameswaras's abode, and you have at last been embraced fully by the Divine Godhead, the Absolute Infinitude. Like the ancient sage you have at last delighted my eyes and have scattered only the pollen dusts of lotuses (in your golden and Illustrious Wisdom and Teachings) so that I feel so joyful to lay the soul at your feet and receive your divine blessings! May you live forever to succour the lost and straying scouls and assemble them in the abode of eternal bliss and undying joy where there is life! With affectionate embrace and constant undying love and eternal best wishes and prayer for your personal welfare, —G R, Banerjee, Ph.B. M.A,N,,M.J.I.P., K.C.J., Editor, “Non-Violence”, B. Guiana.

People of Rishikesh say that the work done by Sivananda can be done only by Badshahs. —Murari, Rishikesh

Sivananda's way of lecturing is like that of Stalin. —Rajah of Atgarle

Every book of Sivananda is a book of Sutras (Wisdom. aphorisms). —Arora, B.A., LL.B., Gwalior.

All Ashrams here have got entangled. But Sivananda Ashram is ever free. Sivananda spends everything in service of humanity, and so he is free. —Swami Gange Har, Rishikesh.

Sivananda Charitable Hospital is a miniature General Hospital. It is equipped with X-Ray, Diathermy a- d Clinical Laboratory. —Dr. Misra, Reader, Medicine, Medical College, Nagpur.

Sivananda's books served me as my Guru. Now I am in the Sivanandashram to sit at his feet and learn further. —Om Prakash, Delhi.i

Go to Sivanandashram. You will get whatever you want. No one returns without getting something material or spiritual. —Swami Purushottamananda, Vasishtha Guha.

I have come on a pilgrimage to Ananda Kutir, to see Sivananda. I have studied many of his books and am highly benefited. I want to remain in the Ashram and learn Yoga practically. —Earnest Deslark.

Sivananda's hospitality is proverbial. He is hardworking. He has written a large number of books He corresponds with the whole world. There are so many things on Yoga here which are very interesting and useful for spiritual life. Sivananda's life is like that of Ganga. —B.R. Malhotra, Auditor, Delhi.

Sivananda is doing tremendous humanitarian work, and wonderful work for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge. —Copal Krishna Scatty, B.A., B.L., Deputy Chairman, Municipal C Juncil, Mysore.

Sivananda's books act as moral tonic. —Rohit Mshta, General Slay, Theosophical Society, Banaras.

I acknowledge quickly, having received your lovely more of you and India and all your sincere and honest gift of two books of photo-pictures which enlighten me effort.

It is believed that some of the covenanted people known as Israel went to India over 3000 years ago, more or less, and became a ruling class there, through whom revelation is coming in.

It is possible that you are and can be one of them, at least to me you appear as an Israelite. —Ernest Rigling, CHICAGO.

Your kind and helpful letter has reached me. Yes, indeed, it has given me peace of mind. My most grateful thanks to your most wonderful self. I am extremely grateful to you for prayers conducted by you for my good health. I had almost given up hope of getting well until your kind letter and power and wonderful helpful books arrived. I was having treatment from the best doctors here in Perth. One doctor is a cousin of mine, but still there was no improvement, until I wrote to you for help. Now I am feeling well; my many thanks to your kind self for so much help. In your letter, you gave me the address of Doctor R. T. Werther who lives here in Perth; so I rang him and he was ever so kind. He invited my daughter and myself out to his home. There we spent the most wonderful evening. Dr. Werther is, as you would know, a Doctor of music. So we enjoyed some very beautiful music. Then we talked of yourself and the wonderful work that you are doing. We had visual of your photos on the small table in the Music Room and we did feel that you were so close to us. It was a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful evening. Then last Sunday Doctor Werther said he was giving a talk at the Theosophical Society on your life and work. He read small parts from many of your books. He also had your photo up on the board and also the book, LIFE OF SIVANANDA IN PICTURES. Several people said after that the readings from your books were the most wonderful they had heard, and that they would go much more often if they could hear more of such talks.

Dearest friend, you will be glad to hear that the two books that you so kindly sent me, SURE WAYS FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE and SIVA'S TREASURE, both have  brought home to me most forcibly that I had many things in my life to correct. So I have earnestly set about to remould my whole character. I will now need your loving help and guidance more than ever. But thank you so much for pointing these things out to me through your books.

Once again I must say my most grateful thanks to you for your loving kindness and help to me. I thank you again and again for your books, whore you speak out so forcibly. It is the only way at times, to awaken one to the deficiencies in onself. —P. D. Lintern, Western Australia.

I received your valued books. Many thanks. I was very much surprised by your kind letter, looking at your books, pictures and reading your letters to me. I desire to meet you at the foot of the Himalayas. I want to be your disciple and you are my Guru. Sincerely I hope you stay in contact with me. I had a feeling that you opened a window in my life. —H. G. Von Eelen, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

After my arrival from India on the 24th ultimo, after a pleasant trip by plane, I was happy to find your photo awaiting me, so kindly sent by you. This photo will indeed be always treasured and remembered by me, and also the many members of my family in South Africa, of my first acquaintance of myself, and my daughter with yourself. —B. B. Chetty, Durban, S. Aim

All that you write is of great importance to me. I shall try to fulfil everything according to your commands. I translated your dear letter yesterday. While sleeping I always look at your divine picture and sleep. I look at your signature starting with “S” and then at night I experience great joy and bliss. I feel as though lifted up from the earthplane to some unknown happy regions during sleep. This is the effect of your photo and signature. I also dress like yourself. You come to me often and address me, “O my dear Upasika, come, I shall show you the realms beyond.” I happily followed you every time you asked me to come. I feel great bliss. O great enlightened soul, my dear brother, I love your soul and know me to be united to you. You carried me beyond all hindrance. 0 sublime Siva, in these moments I feel my being dissolved into your being. How happy I am now. I am able to read all your thoughts and you mine. I always have the sense of great veneration towards you. How strong our relation originating from former incarnation must be that I am able and allowed to visit you. —Upasika, Berlin.

Thank you so much for inspiring photograph of yours and the books which I got when I returned after the final examination in the art school. The book of Life in Pictures is wonderful. From my dear Guru I do not ask for strawberries like the child who came to me the other day. I want only a little kind thought from you. I had a fall but at the same time it was a great victory and now I have got 100 times more positive thoughts. I am very thankful. Your good thoughts did save me. —Agneta Havmoller, Denmark

Infinite thanks for your blessed letters which are my support. I have received your marvellous message for the congress at Sorrento, those admirable concentrated words of wisdom. Guruji, I know that degrees and titles are nothing. But it enchants me when aristocrats and scientists bow before your holiness. I send separately the titles received for you. Your philosophy will be more recognised in the occident with such titles. The occident must recognise that your scientific wisdom, your miraculous powers, your universalism and your goodness are unrivalled and unique.

How near, and yet how far you are! I despair to attain you. I feel exhausted and unfit. The saviour is on earth and I cannot hasten towards Him and cling to His feet… and the days slip away. Thousand thanks again for your letters. Every word is so helpful and beautiful and dear to me. Even I hear these words “unaffected, unattached, free”.

How careful you are. It is your carefulness which is bringing good to all.

By looking at your photo all is easy. You act through me. I am the witness of your grace and joy and loveliness. The more I concentrate upon you, the more it is peace, bliss and refuge. O Divine Master, I feel the bondage of the occident, work, mind, body, life. I would break all—free, unattached, unaffected. —Gita Schneider, Geneva.

What a happy surprise to receive the two splendid books "Philosophy and Teachings of Swami Sivananda by Swami Raghavananda and Philosophy and Teachings of Sri Swami Sivananda by Mrs. G. M. Schneider, which were kindly sent to me. Schneider's devotion to Swamiji is indeed moving, also also the article about Swami Raghavananda, all of which I have been reading with joy. I have also looked over your beautiful book Life in Pictures many times. Was especially struck by the natural beauty which surrounds the Ashram, especially the Viswanath Mandir; it must be glorious.

I have always loved these words of Emerson : “In the woods we return to reason and faith.” There I feel that nothing can befall me in life which nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground, head bathed by the blithe air and uplifted into space, all mean egoism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball, I am nothing. I see all the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me. I am part and parcel of God. Hope these words are correct. I do not have his books before me.

—Deaner Pauline Noye,11026, Kling St. North, Hollywood, California.

Thanks for the photo you sent me through Mrs. Edna. I have got the grace of a great guide Swami Sivananda. I have a faith which makes me believe that all your actions are dictated by the pure cosmic love to humanity. I wrote to my mother! I shall send some of my best paintings to Sivananda. She answered he is so far away that he will not understand; he has got a different mentality. May be, but it does not matter, I told her. Swamiji likes everything and dislikes none. This is my personal feeling and faith. Am I right, Guruji ? —Miss Minkfarmen, Denmark.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to tell you how delighted I am. This is so because of the rapid spiritual progress I am making in the course of my daily life. Your book entitled “Easy Steps to Yoga” had been read twice and now after having a keen and comprehensive view I am putting some of your golden text in practice. In the meanwhile, the monthly journals issued by you—Divine Light, Wisdom Light, etc., help me to bring a clearer vision.

—Roopuaraine Ramkisson, British Guiana.

Out of gratitude and appreciation, not only for your material gifts to us but also for the wonderful spiritual love you send to us, I had sent a small material token which I know you will transform into the spiritual work at Ananda Kutir. Please, most respected Swamiji, accept, as it comes with our love and devotion. —Edward Hain, London.

Japan came as a most interesting experience. I wish you might have seen the beautiful countryside, and the lovely artistic manner in which all is done. It is a joy. Here, also, came the unusual experience of spending some time in the home of a Japanese friend, in Tokyo; thus seeing first hand many of the Japanese Diet; on my visiting her home, she told me she had been to see you in Ananda, Kutir, and occasionally had word from you; so this was a delightful surprise “away off in Japan.” Even there you are known and loved! Mrs. Kora also asked; I include her greetings in writing. —Mrs. A. M. Stein, California.

I pray to the Goddess of learning to shower on my humble self Her choicest blessings and inspiration, so that my book on the gigantic, multifaceted and suprior-influencing, bliss-giving literary output of our Jagat-Guru Sivananda may be worthy of such an exalted and omniscient subject. —Dr. Edward A.de Bittencourt, South America.

Having practised Yoga exercises in an amateurish way, for several years, and desiring more advanced, or rather, more technical information, I went to the Dean's office at the University of Michegen, and made enquiries. They suggested Mr. Jagannath Kaul, a graduate student in Gluecotion. Mr. Kaul was very kind and rather than attempt to give me instruction he suggested that I could write to you whom he considers one of the ablest men in India in the field. —John S. Cooper, Detroit.

From my distance, France, where your message reached me with the newspaper Synthese, I ask for your benediction. Your benediction would encourage me. It would be very precious for me in my solitude. Your benediction, dear master, shall give me again the courage and will for my long and difficult journey towards God I love so much. If you deign to give me some advice, I shall take it with devotion, for I have only one desire. That is to love and serve God. —Lady Aujard Catot, France.

The Divine Spirit dictates me this letter and this pleases me to write to you. I have, my dear Master Sivananda, a great desire for your blessings. I hope your saintly blessing will elevate me. I know its secret effect.

It is transcendental in its effect. This is the only remedy for all ills, and will make me happy in a variety of ways. With your special aid and blessings I hope to reach the immortal seat of God. —Manuel Efrain Munive, S. Quito.

As to the books you have sent me, I was very, very happy to receive them, and on receipt of the 'Yoga Asanas' last night I started to practise some of the Asanas at once. How wonderful a book that is But I feel that it will take me rather a long time before I can perform even the easiest of them correctly and wit hout being overexerted, but I promise you to keep on and on, until I have cured my ill muscles, for they are not very good. I cannot tell you how glad I was to receive your books. On the days when such books arrive, I feel much better, both physically and psychically. —Miss G. Ericson, Copenhagen.

The most recent parcel of books that you have so very kindly sent me arrived this morning, and I have already looked them over with deepest interest and appreciation. And how exceedingly kind the little inscriptions are that you so very kindly placed upon the fly-leaves of several of them! I am indeed grateful. But far transcending my gratitude to you for these personal kindnesses, is my gratitude to you for what you are doing, and doing so wonderfully and so very beautifully, to further the Awakening of the One Life everywhere! Your vision of the True, and your ability and power to express the True in language that earnest aspirants can understand is so vastly needed these days. 'God has surely blest you very deeply, and I am sure He always will!

—J. G. Phelps Stokes, New York.

Your faculty to make things right in the world is well known and I look to you as millions have for logical solutions to life's major problems. I beg you rest and take best care of yourself, please. The world needs you badly. I wish you live over 100. So many people that love you desire greatly to get to India and see you. I keep dreaming of you, dear Siva, always, in a glaring gold light with altars around you. Twice I dreamt we walked in a garden of flowers and you talked to me about Yoga—the dream that stands out most is when you appeared to me during an operation and carried me over a critical threshold of near death from a lung bronohosopic that fairly killed me with pain.

Dear Siva; one thing you remember always. I am ever devoted to you and your servants till death, to the interest of your University, the Society and your writings. I dedicate my life always to spread their messages and teach the mentally ill. Thanks to one of your books I gave a young man recently, it saved him from suicide. He had never seen a book from India before. The incident was a brilliant one. He said your writings were wonderful and divine. He never felt God before, until he read your message. This, dear Siva, is one of many miracles passing through my life with people. Thanks to you to whom I owe everything. If I had not glimpsed into the beautiful mirror of your genius, I also might have been lost like others here. —Florence, Indiana.

I have read the books of yours which were published in Germany by the Wilhem-Berth-Verlag. I think now it is the time I shall come into personal contact with you, if you would approve of it. —Mucler, Adelaide.

Last ten days I was touched with your kind letter. —Deepchand Dolandas, Manila, Phillipines.

We are proud that we have in this world of conflicts a bright luminary that is dispelling the darkness of our heart. In free India Swami Sivananda's literature has attained great importance. After Swami Vivekananda, no one has worked so much for the revival of Hinduism as Swami Sivananda. He has influenced and inspired me and my brother, who is the Principal of “Verity College”. My brother deifies Swamiji Maharaj. He speaks about his magnanimous personality with children. Innumerable persons come to us and listen to something about the momentous and genuine works of my Guruji. They speak high of Swamiji. They say that Swamiji is our only Divine Father, who has come to help us in this world of anxieties and difficulties. My Christian friends are propagating the spiritual knowledge of Swarniji far and wide verbally. They have never seen such a veritable spiritual dynamo as Swami Sivananda. They read his books enthusiastically and with an extraordinary gusto. May God bless my Gurudev, so that we may be illumined by his divine thoughts and inspiring books, till our last moment. You are my divine Father, and through your grace I am in a good position to help suffering mankind. You are Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Ram, etc. There is everything in you. —Meernaidu Somanah, Mauritius.

Guru Maharaj's letter has assured my parents that I need no treatment. We now realise We now realise that the name of the Lord is the all-cure for me. —Mangaleswari, Malaya.

I have received from the Divine Life Society some wonderful booklets. The last two booklets are especially nice ones with your remembrance notes of love and blessing, signed by you. This little book is written by Swami Paramananda. Some days ago I received the last number of the Divine Life. I was particularly affected by reading the Jivanmukta Gita. It will help many. My hearty thanks. —Mr. Alejz Piltaver, Zagreb.

The undersigned, having read about your holy life, has been much impressed, and his attention drawn by your holy power, and in addressing himself as your humble servant, beseeches your holiness to be good as to heal him. —J. Mokaledu, Djakarta.