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Glorious Fifty Years of Wisdom and Service
A Souvenir released on Swami Krishnananda's 50th Birthday

Swami Krishnanandaji, One of the Greatest Thinkers and Sages of this Century

by Narayana Kiekens

I have not had the privilege yet of meeting beloved Swami Krishnananda, but reading his masterly books and articles, translating several of his shorter writings in Dutch and listening to his unparalleled lessons for Yoga teachers (1970) on the tape recorder brought me very nearer to him. My brother, Siva Kiekens, who had the great good fortune to follow the international course for Yoga teachers, came back full of praise for Swamiji. Several other persons also told me about Swamiji; Swami Chidanandaji, Swami Satchidanandaji Swami Hridayanandaji, Dr. Adhvaryoo, Nagarajan. They all seemed to talk about another person. This proves that Swamiji has many talents and many facets to his personality. Above all I remember Gurudev's words. Gurudev wrote so many years ago: "Swami Krishnanandaji has outgrown me," and; "How many Shankaracharyas have gone into our young Swami?"

In so many books of Gurudev we find: "Printed by Swami Krishnananda." We recognise his hand also in the Divine Life Magazine. I admire very much his energy and zeal in doing Gurudev's work. Some time back, we had Swamiji's Darshan in a film. We saw Swamiji together with an African "Prophet" posing in a costly outfit, conscious of his earthly dignity. The contrast was striking us all. Swamiji was very humble, very simple, conscious of his Atmic dignity. I never forget this image. It has left an abiding impression on my heart.

The Divine Life Society is a great institution: how grateful we have to be to Gurudev for it: how could we have known the Yoga-Vedanta philosophy without his writings, inspired by a large heart and an unlimited love. Spirituality and Yoga are not secrets to Gurudev. He took immense delight in giving.

Our duty is to take and multiply it. Did these great souls like Swami Krishnanandaji choose Gurudev or did He chooses them? Like attracts like, I suppose.

It makes me very happy to be able to contribute this small article to the commemoration volume edited at the auspicious occasion of Swamiji's 50th Jayanti. One of the greatest thinkers and sages of century he is. No true seeker can read his books and doubt this. In him we worship Gurudev. And I am sure this is the way he wants it. For all these reasons we are proud to be able to co-operate with him in spreading Gurudev's Gospel of Divine Life. We beg him to bless us all on this auspicious occasion and we pray to the almighty Lord for his perfect well-being, good health and long life. This might be called a selfish prayer: without him our Divine Life Society would be like a man without limbs. So let us all pray to the Lord to bless Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj with strong health, abundant strength, vigour and vitality. And let us all give him whatever cooperation we can to spread Gurudev's eternal message of Divine Life far and wide, for, this is what the world needs most.