Isavasya Upanishad for Beginners
Half hour talks in Hindi translated into English
by Swami Krishnananda


OM Sri Satguru Paramatmane Namah.

Salutation to the Supreme Being who Indwells this Universal Process as the support of all existence and as the Power that moves all things:

The wisdom of the Vedas constitutes the most precious Gem in the priceless treasure in the form of Bharatavarsha’s inner spiritual culture. The greatest contribution of India and its people toward the common Human Heritage of Global Mankind is Upanishad-Jnana. It has enriched and will continue to enrich human life and culture with the unique factors of Universal Vision, recognition of Unity, spiritualisation of Activity and Divine Illumination. The portal to this inner wisdom is provided by the first of the ten classical Upanishads, namely, the Isavasya Upanishad.

This present volume giving an exquisite exposition of this beautiful and sublime Upanishad provides a valuable key to the entry into further and deeper study of the other Upanishads. It deserves to be in everybody’s hands. Mother Bhagyalaxmi deserves our congratulations for the pains she has taken to present this English version of Swamiji’s Hindi talks. I wish this work the widest circulation.

Swami Chidananda
Holy Maha-Shivratri 29-2-1976