The Moksha Gita
by Swami Sivananda
Commentary by Swami Krishnananda

Chapter 11: Brahman-Upadesa


1. The Guru said: Thou art not this perishable body. Thou art not the wavering mind. Thou art not the Indriyas. Thou art not the intellect. Thou art not the causal body. Thou art the All-pervading, Immortal Brahman. Realise this and he free.

You are the Infinite Brahman in essence. You are the supreme bliss. You are solely of the nature of divine wisdom. You are the sole supreme, the sole peace, the sole consciousness. Your real nature is indescribable. You are beyond speech and mind. Your nature is beyond form. You are the All in yourself. You are replete with consciousness. You are beyond the three periods of time. There is nothing which is not yourself. You are shining in your own Self. You are Brahman that is truth, bliss, ancient. You are the partless and the non-dual essence. Realise this and be free.


2. Thou art the Prajnana Ghana Atma (embodiment of wisdom). Thou art Chidghana Brahman (mass of consciousness). Thou art Vijnana Ghana Purusha (mass of knowledge). Thou art Ananda-Ghana Soul (mass of Bliss). Realise this and be free.

You are the secondless bliss. You are the illuminator of all things. You are the ocean of knowledge and power. You are both being and non-being. You are this whole universe. You are the supreme, birthless, deathless, immortal consciousness. You are the mass of joy. You are the mass of light. You are the mass of power. You are the mass of knowledge. You have no hands, feet or eyes. You have no body. You are the One Satchidananda! You are all-pervading. Be happy! You are Anandaghana! You are merged in bliss. Move on happily! You are the perfect, the everlasting, the Absolute! You are the mass of intelligence and delight. Move on gay and merry! You are Perfect. Realise this and be free.


3. Thou art Akhandaikarasa Brahman (one homogeneous essence). Thou art Chinmatra Purusha (pure consciousness). Thou art spotless; passionless, sexless and bodiless soul. Realise this and be free.

You are the one undivided essence. You are eternally homogeneous in nature. You are the taintless Self. You are the fully contented, the All. Nothing can harm you. Nothing can touch you. You are the source and the root of everything. You are neither man nor woman, neither father, nor mother, nor son, nor daughter. You exist for ever. You were never born. You will never die. You are the Infinite Whole. Realise this and be free.


4. Thou art timeless, spaceless, deathless, changeless, endless, beginningless, motionless, desireless, faultless and actionless Brahman. Realise this and be free.

You are beyond the operation of time and space. Nothing of the relative world is your real nature. You are the Atman. You are the Brahman. You are without internal or external differences. You are the experiencer of everything. Realise this and be free.


5. Thou art indivisible, partless, and infinite. Thou art birthless and deathless. Thou art immutable and self-luminous. Thou art eternal, perpetual and self-contained. Realise this and be free.

You are immutable and self-existent. You are fearless, for you are Brahman which is fearless. You have no desires, for you are full. You are without differences of body, for you are infinite consciousness. Time and space limit absoluteness and you are not these. You are divisionless and partless, for you are spaceless. You cannot change and perish, for you exist at all places and times. You cannot come to an end, for there is nothing beyond you. You have no source, for nothing existed before you. You have no faults and sins, for you exist as the secondless purity of oneness. You shine by your own light, and even the sun has no lustre before you. You are self-contained, for you are both the existence and the content. Realise this and be free.


6. Thou art Anandamaya-Purusha. Thou art Chin-maya-Brahman. Thou art Jyotirmaya-Atma. Realise this and be free.

You are Anandamaya, the mass of bliss, all other sources of happiness are your own reflections. You are a mass of Chit which is objectless and is free from thought. You are a mass of effulgence. Who can show a light to you? You are ever satisfied. Who can feed you and guide you? You are the Imperishable Purusha, exalted above Maya! Realise this and be free.


7. Thou art distinct from the three bodies and five Koshas. Thou art the witness of the three states. Realise this and be free.

You are not the five Koshas, for they perish on the dawn of Knowledge. They are a mere product of imagination. You are the eternal witness of these bodies. They come and go. But you exist for ever. You are alone existent. Realise this and be free.


8. Thou art without blemish and without decay. Thou art without disease and without difference. Thou art without old age and without modification. Realise this and be free.

You cannot have blemishes, for it is a convention of relative rules. You cannot decay like other objects, for you are unchangeable. You cannot be transformed into another state, for yours is the uncontradicted state of supreme perfection. No disease can afflict you, you are the origin of health and peace, of calmness and satisfaction. Disease is only a straying away of thought from the Self. You have no differences, for differences are mere thought-constructions. You can never become old, for you were never born. You exist since eternity. You have no modification, for you are Apta-Kama. Realise this and be free.


9. That supreme Brahman which is the immortal Self of all, which is the beginningless entity, which is immutable and infinite, which is beyond the reach of mind and speech...that Brahman art thou. Meditate on this. Realise this and be free.

You are Brahman which is Satya, Jnana, Ananta, Akhanda, Saswata, Amrita, Abhaya, Avangmanogochara, Ekarasa, Nitya, Suddha, Siddha, Buddha, Mukta, Prajnana-Ghana, Swayam-Prakasha, Adwaya, Nirguna, Nirakara, Paripurna – that Brahman you are! You are That Ekam Sat; Fear not! You are the most blessed Supreme Being! Realise this and be free.