The Moksha Gita
by Swami Sivananda
Commentary by Swami Krishnananda

Glorification by Sri M. Rama Krishna Bhat, M. A., Bangalore

  1. 00_01
    Salutation to that Supreme Effulgence, which looks on unconcerned at the sport viz. the universe, having created it, and which is to be realised only in the state of Samadhi.

  2. 00_02
    Salutation to Bhagavan Swami Sivananda, the Yogin, who is a World-Teacher and the Sun of Knowledge as well as one who is released from bondage while yet living.

  3. 00_03
    This Land of Bharata whose fame is world-wide, indeed attains all-surprising sanctity by means of the birth of this Super-Soul. The glory of knowledge is indeed indescribable In this world!

  4. 00_04
    Salutation to you, the glorious Sivananda, who is capable of blessing people, whose feet are worshiped by the entire world, and who is the veritable ocean of compassion.

  5. 00_05
    For you, who are engaged in doing good to the world, collected the essence of the Vedas and wrote the Moksha Gita, the mine of super-knowledge, out of affection for your disciples.

  6. 00_06
    Whoever will not be reminded of the blessed Sage Badarayana, who knew everything, on realising the glory of the Master-Yogin viz. Sri Sivananda?

  7. 00_07
    The whole range of the Vedas is the cow. Sivananda is the milk-man. The disciple is the calf. The nectar-like Moksha Gita is the milk. The spiritual aspirant is the person that drinks the milk.

  8. 00_08
    Let those that long for liberation read this Moksha Gita with attention and devotion, for the abstruse essence of the Vedas can be understood easily through this.

  9. 00_09
    Since the whole world is deeply indebted to this Sage for this favour, it should read this and try thereby to repay its debts.

  10. 00_10
    May all the people in the world tread the path of righteousness, enjoy all auspicious things and finally attain the Supreme Abode!


I take refuge in that One Immortal Purushottama, who is known as Om Tat Sat, who is the Guru of all, who is Peaceful and all-pervading like ether, who transcends Maya, who is the Ocean of the indivisible consciousness and the supreme bliss of the Self, who is the beginning, the middle and the end of the universe, who, the One Lord, appears as though He is threefold, who is Truth, Knowledge and Mass of Effulgence like endless crores of suns put together!

Om Santi! Santi! Santi!