Brahma Sutras
by Swami Sivananda


Section 3: Abadhikaranam: Topic 5 (Sutra 11)

Water is produced from fire.

Apah II.3.11 (227)

Water (is produced from fire).

Apah: water.

(Atah: from it; Tatha: thus; Hi: because; Aha: says the Sruti.)

The same thing may be said of water.

We have to supply from the preceding Sutra the words "thence" and "for thus the text declares".

The author of the Sutras explained the creation of fire in the previous Sutra. He explains creation of earth in the next Sutra. He propounds the Sutra in order to insert water and thus to point out its position in the Srishtikrama or order of creation.

"Agnerapah" – From fire sprang water (Tait. Up. II.1). "Tatteja aiksata bahu syam prajayeyeti tadapo'srijata – The fire thought 'May I be many, may I grow forth.' It created water." (Chh. Up. VI.2.3).

Doubt: Does water come out directly from fire or from Brahman?

The Purvapakshin says: Water comes out directly from Brahman as the Chhandyoga text teaches.

Siddhanta: There is no such conflict. From fire is produced water, for thus says the scripture.

Here also it means that as fire is a product of Brahman, it is from Brahman which has assumed the form of fire, that water is produced. There is no room for interpretation regarding a text which is express and unambiguous.

In the Chhandogya Upanishad is given the reason why water comes out of fire. "And, therefore, whenever anybody anywhere is hot and perspires water is produced on him from fire alone. Similarly, when a man suffers grief and is hot with sorrow, he weeps and thus water is also produced from fire."

These explicit statements leave no doubt that water is created from fire.