The Song of God Almighty
by Swami Krishnananda

6: Eschatology

VIII. 3,4

One's own position in the world
Decides one's duties incumbent,
As also pros and cons of life
Leading to onward progression.

This position is omnilinked,
As Brahman first, then Cosmic Will,
The creation of realms around,
The multi-souls that behold worlds;

The Divine Presence transcending
And immanent in relations
Of subject-object experience;
Then lastly propeller of deeds.

This sixfold network is the place
And location of all beings
Who struggle ever helplessly
Oblivious of such regime.

Obliteration of the fact
Of involvement in cosmic webs
Locks up all souls in body's tomb
Wherein they build their own heavens.

Even the stink of hell does taste
Ambrosial when this confinement
In that abyss becomes the norm;
Look, how habituation reigns.

VII. 28-30

Those who are awake to the truth
Of universal monarchy,
Where king is kingdom, kingdom king
The One-in-all in six levels.

And degrees of Divine Presence
As Internal Organism
Live always in all worlds above
And below, too, as citizens.

VIII. 5-10

When passing from tabernacles
Of earth-stuff as these body shrouds,
If one concentrates on this Whole,
Reaches the freedom eternal.

Whatever thought one entertains
When departing from body's inn,
That acts as framework for the life
Which one enters subsequently.

The last of thought is not alone
As isolated from others;
The last is but the quintessence
Of how one lived throughout one's life.

Hence, caution, how one behaves here
In every day's and moment's march;
The only duty thus devolves
As constant indwelling in God.

By practice incessant and firm,
Allowing not the mind to roam,
In divine love's saturation,
The Supreme Person is attained.

The All-Knowing, the Ancient One,
The Ruler, subtle, Lord of all,
Unthinkable, the Sun of light,
Who make their own, they merge in All.

VIII. 12, 13, 15, 16

In death as well as life's tenure
Who sink their mind and soul in Him,
Commune with that Eternity
Which embraces Infinity.

Withdrawing externality,
The projection of mind and sense,
Dwelling whole-souled in thought of Whole,
One reaches what is everywhere.

To chant of OM and soul absorbed
In radiance of Sun of suns,
Who departs hence with restrained self
Is united with Deathless Life.

Having attained that great Abode
One returns not to transiency,
The world of grief and pain and tears;
For Timeless Being is release.

II. 40

To put forth effort is duty
No honest search can be a loss
In this adventure of spirit
To Spirit reach, however slow.

Here every step is onward trend
Leading to final Achievement;
It's all a gain and never waste,
Even a little good shall save.

VI. 40-45

In case one dies before the time
Of reaching goal of perfection,
The Yogi reborn blessedly
Does continue what went before.

No one who does a little good
Shall perish as if helplessly;
By prior exercise of soul
That soul is ushered 'gain onward.

In homes of sages one is born,
Or royal comforts facilitate
That earnest seeker striving hard
To glory reach resplendently.

But such a birth is difficult,
Rare are the ones who integrate
Their entire being for That One
Beyond conception's farthest end.

Marching through several chains of lives,
By ceaseless practice ardently,
Some lone pilgrim to Truth of truths
Attains it at the end of time.