The Song of God Almighty
by Swami Krishnananda


The Bhagavadgita is in seven hundred Sanskrit verses and consists of eighteen chapters. The colophon of each chapter towards its end gives a brief idea of the content of the chapter. This classification would make one feel that the Bhagavadgita deals with eighteen subjects. But actually each chapter has something to say about certain other things also apart from the main intention of the chapter as indicated in the colophon. Further, on a reading of the entire Gita, even several times, it is likely that one may miss the true import of the teaching inasmuch as it is not easy to stratify in a serial or consecutive order the developmental process of thought in the Gita. All this is because the Gita is a Scripture and not a textbook for classrooms.

Keeping in mind a necessity to arrange the teaching subjectwise, an attempt is made here to portray the Gita's essential Teaching in a versified form so that the reading will not only be felt pleasant and entertaining but also act as a vade mecum on the exact core of the gospel.

It is hoped that this interesting presentation will be a good guide to all students and seekers for daily recitation and meditation.

7th March, 1997