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Thought for the Day for December
by Swami Krishnananda

  1. The system of yoga is a practice, and this practice is nothing but the conduct of our life in our day-to-day manoeuvring of facts, in the light of the nature of things, or we may say, in the light of the structure of the universe.
  2. The whole of one's life is one of studentship in the school of creation for recognition of a cosmic significance present in all beings.
  3. The strength to bear suffering comes not merely from a determination of the will, but the discovery that a vast treasure is awaiting one who practises such endurance. So it is with spiritual sadhana.
  4. Meditation on the Eternal Being is the supreme form of love. Meditation starts with duality and ends in Unity, from an adoration of God to the being of God.
  5. Everything is everywhere at every time in every condition. One becomes the centre of the Being of all things, the heart of everything. One becomes the Immanent Principle of the cosmos.
  6. God-realisation is an integrated consciousness where we gain everything and lose nothing.
  7. Physically you are identical with and inseparable from the cosmic material substance, and socially you are inseparable from the large mass of humanity.
  8. Yoga is not stilling the mind. It is making the mind more active in a larger sense, in a universalised sense, by which it can work miracles.
  9. The history of a thing is not what happens to that thing in a particular country or village, but what it is in creation as a totality. We do not exist merely in a country; we exist in the cosmos.
  10. Practise the presence of God and perform your duty. Trust in God and do the right. This is, in essence, the gospel of the Bhagavadgita.
  11. The object of perception should be included in the process of perception itself. It should not stand outside you.
  12. To the extent that you are able to rise above this consciousness that you exist independently, to that extent you have no responsibility in this world. God will take care of you.
  13. The universe is something like a powerful radar system that is set up from all sides to record every action and every event that may take place anywhere, even of the least intensity or momentum.
  14. Love that wants an object is not perfect. True love is never expressed. It simply melts in experience.
  15. Saints and sages are still alive. Great masters are still operating. It is up to you to find where they are.
  16. The wider is the ken of the activity of the Spirit, the deeper is the sense of freedom in your life, and the more intense is the joy that you experience.
  17. The whole thing that you are doing is a cosmic work. It is not some person doing, somewhere sitting in one corner. Every activity is a Cosmic Action taking place through every individuality, at all times.
  18. You are alone with your God, and there is no one around you. This is the truth. Rest your mind on this, and attain peace.
  19. To know oneself is to know the world, and to know the world is to know oneself.
  20. The whole world is a sacrifice. Every act of ours, every thought, every feeling is an offering, a worship, a waving of a sacred light before the glory of the Almighty.
  21. When the senses stand together with the mind and the intellect does not shake, the state of yoga supervenes.
  22. Knowledge is not the property of any community, and it has no national barriers. It succeeds when it is honest enough to accept what is of worth and substance, wherever it be found.
  23. Whoever contemplates 'name' as Brahman, which means to say, whoever regards the subject of meditation as absolute, gains whatever that object includes within its gamut.
  24. The lover of God—the true lover of God—transcends the realm of shame. When you love God, you may become something which will not be understandable to society, the public of people.
  25. There is no meaning in anything in this world except the meaning of the Selfhood of that object.
  26. The jivanmukta is neither an idle man not an active man. He is a transcendental actor. His behaviour is ununderstandable, even as Brahman is inscrutable, for he is Brahman itself.
  27. Philosophy is the rational foundation of religion, and religion is the practice of philosophy.
  28. O Guru! Without Thy infinite compassion, no Self-realisation is possible. Thy grace comes in the form of self-effort and meditation and Thy grace alone removes my ignorance. Sadhana is possible only with Thy blessing.
  29. This entire universe is indwelt by the Lord. As such, desire for objects is an impossibility. This is true renunciation; which is also the true freedom and joy.
  30. When consciousness expands into the truth of Pure Being, the world discloses its eternal nature of Pure Consciousness alone.
  31. Emancipation is the knowledge of eternal existence, the awareness of the essential nature of Pure Being. It is the Freedom attained by knowing that we are always free.