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Thought for the Day for October
by Swami Krishnananda

  1. The universal has to be implanted in the particular. God has to descend into the heart of man. At least as a little iota of reality, a spark of that Fire should be present in us. Then we can be said to be set on the spiritual path.
  2. That is called yoga which is the separation of consciousness from all sources of pain. We must definitely attain it, and unite ourselves with it.
  3. There is no thought or aspiration which cannot be fulfilled if only it is sincere and strong enough.
  4. Our meditations and our worships are really silent invocations of the characteristics of the object of our worship and meditation.
  5. You are free only when moving in right directions. Your consciousness should operate properly. Only then does the question of freedom arise.
  6. It may be that we try to remember God when we are comfortably placed. But the test as to whether He has really entered our hearts is whether we remember Him in sickness, suffering, opposition and times of temptation.
  7. Yoga is nothing but union with consciousness, and inasmuch as the Universal has no love or hatred for anything, you also should not have love or hatred for anything if you want to be a yogi.
  8. Forces which constitute the universe react and interact among one another for effecting a higher integration. We may call them men and things, and so on in a state of ignorance. These activities of forces are the history of the universe.
  9. To get a Guru is as difficult as getting God. And once you get a proper teacher, then you are on the path. This is a great achievement, and again this is the work of God.
  10. That which is everywhere includes even the person who tries to know It. So, That which is everywhere cannot be known unless the knower also becomes That.
  11. What is harmony? Harmony is nothing but your adjustment with the cosmos.
  12. Just as when we touch a live wire the electric force infuses itself into our body, when we deeply meditate on God the power of the whole universe seeks entry into our personality.
  13. The duty that we owe to the Universe is our religion.
  14. The greater is the approximation that you strike to God's universal existence, the greater also is your joy, your happiness.
  15. Meditation is the discovery of the universal in the particular by freeing the object from the objectness that infects it on account of the operation of the space-time element, which we have to transcend.
  16. There is a great solace and comfort given to us by Bhagavan Sri Krishna in the Bhagavadgita that even when you honestly feel a necessity to become perfect, God's grace has already descended upon you.
  17. The more is the love for the Universal Being entertained in life, the less would be the pain and agony of departing from the body.
  18. While we have to move with the times, we also have to gather the knowledge of the times in which we are living.
  19. The choice of the object of meditation is to be done very carefully, suited to the temperament of the particular spiritual seeker.
  20. To love or hate anything is contrary to reality, and so your emotions should be free from love and hatred.
  21. Ishvara, jiva and jagat are not three entities standing apart. They are three presentations of reality or viewpoints of the Absolute from the level of the jiva.
  22. The most fundamental experience is consciousness or awareness, pure and simple, free from the self-contradictory divisions and fluctuations of thought.
  23. The test of our true progress in spiritual life is freedom from the shackles of other objective existences and a joy that we feel in our heart when we are alone.
  24. If we are established in the highest form of activity, we are also, at the same time, established in the highest form of knowledge.
  25. The liberated soul becomes the All. Experience of Pure Being is the criterion of liberation.
  26. To recognise one's true relationship with the Ultimate Reality is to place oneself in the context of the highest form of meditation.
  27. God's Grace is a powerful tonic which can correct the heart, lungs, stomach and the general condition of the body. This Divine Grace is drawn through meditation on God.
  28. The observance of dharma does not violate the laws of the world for the sake of the Spirit or of the Spirit for the sake of the world. It views existence both in its depth and its width.
  29. Your responsibility arises to the extent you are conscious that you are. So if you are there, you have responsibility. If you are not there, you have no responsibility. First of all, decide whether you are there or not.
  30. Just as meditation is not a private practice, your achievement in spiritual life is also not a private achievement. It is a cosmic achievement. Nobody attains God individually. The whole world goes with you.
  31. When you enter the consciousness of the Absolute, you will not see the world, in the same way as when you wake up the dream world vanishes. It has entered your mind.