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Thought for the Day for March
by Swami Krishnananda

  1. Prayer is an affirmation of consciousness for rousing itself to a dimension higher than its own self.
  2. When we manifest outside in our daily activity and conduct what we really are within, we are heading towards self-control and a spiritual life.
  3. The whole world is active when even a single event takes place at any point in space, just as the whole body is active even if a little thorn is to prick the sole of the foot.
  4. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the soul is inside you, because if the soul is inside you, you will be outside it.
  5. The control of the mind is equal to the finding of the relation between the finite and the Infinite. Great persistence, great understanding and capacity to discriminate is here called for.
  6. Do not keep anything which you will be afraid of showing to others. Do not do anything which you would not like others to know.
  7. The force of volition that is exerted in self-restraint is really like the dynamo that generates the power, without which the vehicle of spiritual practice will not move.
  8. One's highest duty consists in the struggle for the attainment of this knowledge by which one gets unified with the all-pervading Absolute Being.
  9. Though it is difficult to define right thinking, it cannot be denied that it is the goal of the aspirations of everyone.
  10. Tapas is the process of stilling the senses and the mind and allowing the lustre of the Atman to manifest itself spontaneously.
  11. Study, reflection and meditation are the processes of the method of self-transcendence.
  12. Japa sadhana should not become the movement of a machine. It should be the soul in action.
  13. Every adversity should stimulate more and more strength in us, and every fall should propel us to a higher aspiration, a longing which should never be dampened, threatened or vanquished at any time.
  14. Never be in a hurry in the practice of yoga. Take only one step if it becomes necessary; do not try to make a hurried movement. Quality is important, not quantity.
  15. Stilling the mind does not mean allowing the mind to sleep. It is making the mind more active than it would be ordinarily when it is in contact with objects.
  16. The things that we want to do in this world are the confrontations before us, and our wisdom will be judged by the manner in which we deal with these situations.
  17. The world is quite different from what it looks like. It is a totally different thing, other than what it appears to be before our eyes. The camouflage has to be lifted.
  18. Your heart should well up and want to reach God. And when you want it, it has to come. No other qualification is necessary for you.
  19. Dharma is the law that maintains the balance of forces in the Universe and dispenses the retributive justice to the individuals in such a manner as the equilibrium of creation is never disturbed.
  20. Motive or intention behind an act decides whether it is going to fetter the agent or leave him free. The larger the motive behind an act, the greater is the freedom of the agent concerned and the higher also is the value of the act.
  21. The love that you feel in respect of an object is in fact the love that you feel towards that which is called perfection and completeness.
  22. We should not be vehement in the expression of any of our opinions, notions or ideas. Moderate expression is moral expression, moderateness in every level of our life.
  23. Consciousness is the most positive of facts, the datum of all experience. It transcends all limits of space, time and causality.
  24. It is only the jnani that can serve and help the world in the best possible way, for he knows that all is the one Self, the Great Being of Brahman. Without knowing this, how can one be truly good and virtuous?
  25. Self-restraint, sense control, does not mean pressing down the existing desires into the subconscious, but burning them down in the fire of restraint.
  26. Self-realisation is synonymous with the attainment of unlimited spiritual strength. It is the strength born of independence, freedom in the highest sense. Power that is a result of the idea of possession is imaginary.
  27. Yoga is a universal science. It is not a religion of a particular creed, cult or nationality. It is a science of living. Therefore, the way in which we have to rightly live in this world is yoga.
  28. Everything in the universe is an offering to God. It is a sacrifice that the universe is performing in the very process of evolution.
  29. Religion is a way of conducting yourself in your day-to-day existence. The manner in which you speak to me is your religion. The attitude that you have towards me in your heart is your religion.
  30. The glorious destination of mankind is single. As rivers enter the single ocean, all values of life shall commingle in the ocean of that Eternity, that Infinity, that Supreme Repository of absolute value.
  31. When true wisdom dawns, the mind realises its nature of Self-sufficiency and turns back to the Atman, or the Source of Consciousness, and rests as one with it in peace.