Brahma Sutras
by Swami Sivananda


Section 1: Ekagratadhikaranam: Topic 7 (Sutra 11)

There is no restriction of place with regard to meditation.

Yatraikagrata tatraviseshat IV.4.11 (488)

Wherever concentration of mind (is attained), there (it is to be practised), there being no specification (as to place).

Yatra: where, wherever; Ekagrata: concentration of mind; Tatra: there; Aviseshat: for want of any specification, it not being specifically mentioned, as there is no special direction in Sruti.

There are no specific rules about the time or place of meditation. Whenever and wherever the mind attains concentration, we should meditate. The Sruti says "Mano’nukule" – where the mind feels favourable.

Any place is good if concentration is attained in that place. The scriptures say, "Let a man meditate at whatever time, in whatever place and facing whatever region, he may with ease manage to concentrate his mind."

But places that are clean, free from pebbles, fire, dust, noises, standing water, and the like are desirable, as such places are congenial to meditation.

But there are no fixed rules to place, time and direction.