Brahma Sutras
by Swami Sivananda


Section 3: Introduction

In the previous Section the departure of a knower of the Saguna Brahman by the path of the gods (Devayana) has been described. Now the present Section treats of the path itself. It describes the journey of the released soul on the way to Brahman and takes up the thread of the story at the point where it was left in the preceding Section.


Adhikarana I:

(Sutra 1) The path connected with deities beginning with that of light is the only path to Brahmaloka.

Adhikarana II:

(Sutra 2) The departing soul reaches the deity of the year and then the deity of the air.

Adhikarana III:

(Sutra 3) After reaching the deity identified with lightning the soul reaches the world of Varuna.

Adhikaranas I, II, III:

(Sutras 1-3) reconcile the different accounts given in the Upanishads as to the stations on the way which leads the Upasaka to Saguna Brahman.

Adhikarana IV:

(Sutras 4-6) Light, etc., referred to in the text describing the path of the gods mean deities identified with the light, etc., which lead the soul stage after stage till Brahmaloka is reached.

Adhikarana V:

(Sutras 7-14) The Brahman to which the departed souls go by the path of the gods is the Saguna Brahman. This is the opinion propounded in Sutras 7-11 by Baadarayana. In Sutras 12-14 Jaimini defends the opposite view according to which the soul of the Upasaka goes to the Highest Brahman, not to the Karya Brahman (Saguna Brahman). Jaimini’s view is a mere Purvapaksha, while Baadari’s opinion represents the Siddhanta.