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Your Questions Answered
by Swami Krishnananda


The daily sessions which the Swamiji holds with varieties of visitors to the Ashram attract people from different parts of the country and abroad, since these occasions provide to people a homely atmosphere to express their longings, their questions, their enquiries and their difficulties which range over a wide area of human life. This book consists of the answers that Swamiji furnished to the queries of the visitors during a period of several years, which have been tape-recorded, transcribed and edited for the purpose of publication, since it was the wish of everyone that a book of this kind, when it reaches the hands of seekers of knowledge, would remain as an interesting guide-book, a medium of reference, and even an entertainment on an intellectual and spiritual level.

It is hoped that this new publication, novel in its kind, will adequately bring relief to the seeking spirits who long for enlightenment.

26th May, 1982.