Your Questions Answered
by Swami Krishnananda

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Table of Contents

  1. On Free Will
  2. Beauty and the Psychology of Desire
  3. On Meditation and Service
  4. Total Thought and Meditation
  5. What is the Self?
  6. The Higher Self
  7. The Good and the Bad
  8. Where is the Soul?
  9. The Absolute
  10. Tapas or Austerity
  11. Universal Action and Duty Towards Others
  12. How to Let God into the Heart
  13. Wanting Only God
  14. The Inadequacies of Science
  15. Sexual Impulse Versus Meditation
  16. Diagnose the Illness of Life and Go Beyond
  17. Energy Conservation
  18. Looking for Happiness
  19. Spiritual Atmosphere & God-World Relation
  20. Concepts of God
  21. The World's Movement from Materiality to Spirituality
  22. The Phenomenon and the Noumenon
  23. The True Heart
  24. The Connection Between Body and Mind: The Ishtadevata
  25. God and Liberation
  26. The Last Thought
  27. Female Mountains
  28. Religious Consciousness
  29. Beautiful Thought
  30. Eastern and Western Thinking
  31. The Senses: Two Kinds of Sacrifice
  32. Intellectual Understanding
  33. The Tenth Obstacle
  34. Four Kinds of Conflict
  35. Activity After Enlightenment
  36. On Patanjali's Yoga
  37. Satsanga
  38. Test of Our Progress on the Spiritual Path
  39. After Self-Realisation
  40. Creation of the World
  41. Karma
  42. Queries of Seekers
  43. Hindu Gods and the One God
  44. On Work and Meditation
  45. On World Crisis
  46. The Self In the Deep Sleep State
  47. Knowledge and Material Power
  48. The Relationship Between Brain and Mind
  49. The Higher Reality and the Eternal Impulses
  50. What is Yoga?
  51. Methodist Ministers
  52. Who is Your Neighbour?
  53. War
  54. Who is a Guru?
  55. The Necessity for a Guru
  56. After the Guru Has Left the Body
  57. The Guru-Disciple Relationship
  58. Living the Truth
  59. Devotion and the Nature of Ignorance
  60. When God Wants You
  61. Degrees of Karma
  62. The Aim of Education
  63. The Balance of Nature
  64. Three Kinds of Meditation
  65. The First Thought and the Great Thought
  66. Sadhana Can Be Done Anywhere
  67. Renunciation and Transformation
  68. Fear of Losing the World
  69. The Seven Stages of Enlightenment
  70. The Blessings of Swami Sivananda


  1. Marriage - What does it mean?