The Study and Practice of Yoga
Audios of Swami Krishnananda

Chapter 56. Lack of Knowledge is the Cause of Suffering

Chapter 57. The Four Manifestations of Ignorance

Chapter 58. Pursuit of Pleasure is Invocation of Pain

Chapter 59. The Self-Preservation Instinct

Chapter 60. Tracing the Ultimate Cause of Any Experience

Chapter 61. How the Law of Karma Operates

62. The Perception of Pleasure and Pain

Chapter 63. The Cause of Unhappiness

Chapter 64. Disentanglement is Freedom

Chapter 65. Karma, Prakriti and the Gunas

Chapter 66. Understanding the Nature of Objects

Chapter 67. Consciousness is Being

Chapter 68. Cultivating Discriminative Understanding

Chapter 69. Understanding World-Consciousness

Chapter 70. The Seven Stages of Perfection

Chapter 71. The Eight Limbs or Stages of Yoga

Chapter 72. The Prepratory Disciplines of Yama and Niyama

Chapter 73. Negative Check and Positive Approach

Chapter 74. The Principles of Yama and Niyama

Chapter 75. Self-Control, Study and Devotion to God

Chapter 76. Asana is Fixity of Position

Chapter 77. The Importance of Asana and Pranyama

Chapter 78. Kumbhaka and Concentration of Mind

Chapter 79. The Inclination of the Mind for Concentration

Chapter 80. Pratyahara: The Return of Energy

Chapter 81. The Application of Pratyahara



Chapter 82. The Effect of Dharna or Concentrating the Mind

Chapter 83. Choosing an Object for Concentration

Chapter 84. The Need for Caution When Stirring Inner Potencies

Chapter 85. The Interrelatedness of All Things

Chapter 86. The Hurdle of the Ego in Yoga Practice

Chapter 87. Absorbing Space and Time Into Consciousness

Chapter 88. Samyana: The Union of Dharna, Dhyana and Samadhi

Chapter 89. The Levels of Concentration

Chapter 90. Generating the Mood for Yoga

Chapter 91. The Integraging Force

Chapter 92. The Working of Nature's Law

Chapter 93. Removing the Ego with the Process of Samyama

Chapter 94. Understanding the Structure of Things

Chapter 95. Liberation is the Only Aim of Yoga

Chapter 96. Powers that Accrue in the Practice

Chapter 97. Sublimation of Object-Consciousness



Chapter 98. The Transformation of Human to Divine

Chapter 99. The Entry of the Eternal into the Individual

Chapter 100. The Exhaustion of All Karmas

Chapter 101. The Wheel of Karma

Chapter 102. Avoiding Karma That Has Not Yet Germinated

Chapter 103. Putting an End to Rebirth

Chapter 104. The Double Activity in Mental Cognition

Chapter 105. Absorption into Universal Subjectivity

Chapter 106. The Dual Pull of Purusha and Objects

107. The Bestowal of a Divine Gift

Chapter 108. Infinity Coming Back to Itself

Chapter 109. The Condition Prior to Final Absorption

Chapter 110. Recapitulation and Conclusion